Jen, aka the PocketGoddess is the founder and editor-in-chief of PocketGoddess.com and a regular contributor to Brighthand and TabletPCReview. She has also written for Geek.com, Connected Photographer, and Computing Unplugged. Previous experience includes moderating the Brighthand Palm discussion boards and maintenance of several Access Expert Guides on Palm OS software (Time/Life ManagementProject ManagementReligion: ChristianityEducation: Students) as well as moderation of several YahooGroups.

In addition, she provides beta testing and other development assistance to mobile software developers, including creating documentation and user guides. A prolific freelance writer, she has been published in Computer Power User, PC Today, Laptop, and Palmtop User magazines.

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If you have a product or service related to mobile technology, you should consider advertising on PocketGoddess.com. We offer a highly targeted audience and have reasonable monthly rates with no up-front contract required. Options include banner and tower ads, sponsored links, and newsletter sponsorship. For more information or to inquire about advertising rates, please use the contact form.

Developers: Need Some Help?

Developers, you’re great at programming handheld software applications, but you may not have the time required to offer email support to all of your customers or the skills necessary to write clearly understandable documentation and manuals for your applications. If you find yourself needing some help, contact us with information regarding your requirements and let us show you how outsourcing email support and documentation can save you time and money.
Here’s what Jeff Mitchell, developer of ShadowPlan, has to say about our services:
Brief without being terse, friendly without being vague — our new User Guide is excellent stuff just the way we wanted it, ahead of schedule and lovingly crafted. (Jeff Mitchell, Codejedi Inc., 2004)
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