Pottermore Launch Window Announced; Harry Potter Ebooks Available to Libraries Next Month

by PocketGoddess on March 9, 2012

It looks like the wait for official Harry Potter ebooks will soon come to an end. I somehow missed this news when it first came out a couple of weeks ago, but I stumbled across the ebook listings for the series while I was looking for something new to check out from my local public library’s web site.

The ebooks will be available to check out on April 30, and the initial listing only includes the ePub format. It’s unclear at this time whether that means that Kindle users will not be able to read these books on their devices, or if there is simply no library preorder mechanism for that format, since it links back to Amazon’s site for the actual content.

Those who just can’t wait another minute will be glad to know that Pottermore, the much-anticipated site for all things Harry Potter (and the publisher for the ebooks) will finally be open to the public in early April.

The site was originally supposed to open last October, but early beta testing revealed a need for a more robust infrastructure to accommodate the expected number of users. While a specific announcement has yet to be made, I suspect that the ebooks will be available for sale before they make their way to libraries at the end of next month.

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