Too Good to be True: No More Unlimited Data for iPad

by PocketGoddess on June 2, 2010

I just read the news on Yahoo: “AT&T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans to Make Mobile Internet More Affordable to More People.” The new plans are $15 for 200MB and $25 for 2GB, and are aimed primarily at smartphone users.┬áThe good news is that it appears that iPhone tethering (for an additional $20 a month) will finally be available on June 7th.

The bad news is that unlimited data will no longer be an option for new iPad users. According to the Yahoo article, the $25 plan with 2GB of data is replacing the $30 unlimited data plan. If you don’t use much data, that’s a nice savings, especially over the long term, but that’s not good news if you travel a great deal and want to make full use of the ABC Player and Netflix apps. It is unclear whether the current $15 a month 250MB plan for iPad users will remain unchanged, or if that plan will be lowered to 200MB per month to match the smartphone data plans.

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