New WiFi-Only nook; 3G nook Price Drop

by PocketGoddess on June 21, 2010

Barnes & Noble has definitely thrown down the gauntlet in the ereader device wars; announcing this morning a new WiFi-only nook for $149, and lowering the price of the original 3G nook to just $199. Both of them are identical in memory capacity and other features.

The only difference aside from the wireless connectivity is that the WiFi-only version is just a little lighter in weight, and ships with a white back cover. The 3G nook comes with a gray cover. If neither of those options meets your taste, Barnes & Noble offers replacement backs in a variety of colors for $18.95, and they are easy to change.

Will Amazon lower the price of their Kindle, which is now substantially more expensive than the nook? Only time will tell.

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