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by PocketGoddess on April 8, 2010

M-Edge FlexStand with nook, detail

When M-Edge sent me the FlexStand, I couldn’t wait to open the package. I love my Barnes & Noble nook, but it can get pretty heavy when I hold it for extended periods of time. Maybe I tend to read too long at a stretch, or maybe all my keyboard time is finally starting to catch up with me. Whatever the reason, I knew that a stand would make my reading experience even more comfortable, and I was right.

The M-Edge FlexStand has six flexible metal “arms” that are connected in the middle, Two of those arms, one on each side, end in a smooth round rubber ball. The other four arms have slightly curved feet that are designed to hold your ereader firmly in place. To use the FlexStand, you bend the arms into position to hold your device and bend the ball arm back so that it forms the third leg of a tripod.

The FlexStand does a great job of holding my nook, and holds it securely enough that I don’t feel that it will tip over when I press the page forward button. And since the legs are adjustable, I can always get the nook into the perfect reading position, no matter what the lighting conditions may be. Since I have several windows in my office, glare can be a problem. But with the FlexStand, it takes just a few seconds to change the angle and reduce the glare.

It stores pretty flat, since the arms are flexible, and it doesn’t take up too much space in your gear bag, though it does add some weight. I don’t tend to carry it around with me, preferring instead to leave it in my desk drawer since its primary use is to prop up my nook while I’m reading during my lunch hour.

M-Edge FlexStand in storage mode

I really like this product and can recommend it if you need a hands-free viewing option for your ereading device. The FlexStand is portable, easy to use, and fills a niche in the ereader accessory space. It can also serve a few other purposes, such as holding photos or a page of copy you need to reference next to your computer if you don’t have a full time copy stand.

The M-Edge FlexStand is $24.99 and is available for a wide variety of devices, including the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX, Barnes & Noble nook, Sony Reader, and (n the near future) the Apple iPad. Please note that the nook edition was not available at the time M-Edge sent me a review sample, so they sent the Kindle model. You may notice in the photo that the feet don’t perfectly fit my nook, but that’s to be expected since I was using the Kindle version. You can purchase the FlexStand from the M-Edge web site.

4.5 out of 5

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