iPhone/iPod Travel Case from Waterfield Designs

by PocketGoddess on September 30, 2009

Exterior of large iPhone/iPod Travel Case

The first thing that must be said is that this travel case is not just for your iPhone or iPod–I believe it will work for anyone who wants to contain their mobile technology clutter. Measuring 10″ wide, 6.5″ tall, and roughly 1.75 inches thick, this case is large enough to hold a lot of stuff without being too big to be useful.

The exterior of the case is made of a sturdy water resistant fabric that wipes clean very easily and still looks brand new, even though I’ve been using this case for several months now. The bottom and sides of the case are made of a heavier “nubby” material that is both cool looking and easy to grip, so the case doesn’t squirm out of your hand if you’re trying to unzip it and get something out.

Side/Bottom detail of large iPhone/iPod Travel CaseThe front of the case has a long zip compartment with two smaller pockets for extra business cards, memory card adapters, and the like; I mainly use this area of the case for my headphones and other very small items that could get “lost” inside the much larger main compartment, which is accessed through the zipper on the top of the case..

The main compartment is lined with extra soft black fuzzy material, and if you examine the case closely you can tell that there’s also an extra layer of padding between the exterior fabric and the fuzzy black interior. That’s important if you want your electronics to be protected on the go and a nice touch, though I also go one step further and make sure that the screen of whatever device I’m putting in the case is turned in, just in case..

For further organization you’ll find that there are three pockets on the front side of the case and two pockets in the back–they are sized perfectly to hold a nice variety of objects, from a USB multi-card reader to a cell phone or an external battery pack. The large open space in the middle is great for bundled up device chargers and cords, and it’s also long enough and wide enough to comfortably hold a PSP and a game case with four UMDs.

Interior detail of large iPhone/iPod Travel CaseThis case has been such a helpful, useful item for me, especially since I review so many different devices for this site and a few other places as well. I don’t just carry one phone, I often have two or three. Add in the various cables, chargers, headsets and other accessories, and you can see that I could quite easily have a royal mess on my hands–especially considering the fact that most of these devices are loaners, and it would be very bad form indeed to lose a few parts here and there!.

I highly recommend this case if you need a relatively small, packable case that you can put into a larger gear bag or suitcase, especially if you travel often. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding that you have a dead cell phone and misplaced (or forgot to pack!) your charger. It’s durable, sturdy, very well made, and nicely laid out in a way that protects the maximum amount of stuff in a minimum of space..

The iPhone/iPod Travel Case is available from Waterfield Designs in three different sizes, with prices ranging from $35 to $39. There are six different colors available: black, blue, red, green, brown, and silver, all with the black rubberized fabric on the bottom and sides. You can purchase it from the Waterfield Designs online store..

5 out of 5

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