M-Edge Executive Jacket for Amazon Kindle

by PocketGoddess on December 28, 2008

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Amazon KindleThe Amazon Kindle ships with a fairly decent case, but it’s very basic and not all that attractive. Fortunately M-Edge has come to our rescue with a much nicer Executive Jacket case, available in synthetic or genuine leather. While this review focuses on the genuine leather version, it is important to note that the synthetic cover is basically identical in every respect to its genuine leather cousin. At only $29.99 it is even more of a bargain, and is ideal for vegans and others who prefer not to use leather accessories.

Also, please note that the case reviewed was the red version, and while the photos came out strangely brown in tone, the red case is absolutely beautiful, the perfect bright, rich red. This is one case where the photos simply don’t do justice to the reality.

The Executive Jacket is a book-style case for the Amazon Kindle. The case is secured by a tab closure that is easy to manipulate while still keeping the case nicely closed while it is in a larger bag. The front of the case is completely plain, with no logo emblems or embossing of any kind. The stitching is perfectly uniform and very neat, which shows that this case definitely deserves the “executive” portion on the name as far as workmanship is concerned.

When you open the case, you’ll see a series of pockets on the left side of the case, allowing you to store papers, business cards, and other small items neatly. The two smallest pockets are ideal for SD memory cards, holding them snugly. They can be a little difficult to remove from the pocket, but in my mind that’s far superior to taking a chance on losing the valuable data on a memory card.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Amazon Kindle, interior

The right side is of course where the Kindle sits. The device is held securely by “pocket straps” on each corner, with the last corner held by a slim red leather and black elastic strap. To seat the Kindle in the case, you align three of the corners and then bend the fourth corner back and then forward over the last corner of the Kindle, at the top right-hand side. It can be somewhat difficult to do at first, but a bit of patience and a couple of minutes of your time will be enough to get everything situated properly. A pen holder loop in the spine of the case completes the package.

In everyday use I found the case to be quite functional and protective; I didn’t have any problems with the Kindle being activated accidentally. The sides of the case are open, but since the corners of the Kindle are covered by the attachment straps, they have adequate protection. All of the various controls are still open and accessible, so the only reason it would be necessary to remove the Kindle would be to switch out the SD memory expansion card, which requires removing the back panel of the device.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Amazon Kindle, bottom view

The only slightly negative point is that the spine of the case is a bit wider than strictly necessary, which means that the case is somewhat lopsided when sitting open on a flat surface;this also means that it is possible (though not highly likely) that a foreign object could work its way between the case and the screen of the Kindle, creating a small chance that the screen could be damaged in some way.

All in all, the M-Edge Executive Jacket is one of the nicest cases I’ve seen for the Amazon Kindle, and certainly the most stylish so far. The newest version even has a pocket for the M-Edge e-Luminator book light, allowing you to use your Kindle anywhere, even in low light conditions. It is available in your choice of ten different colors for $44.99. If you’re on a bit of a budget, or if you prefer to save more of your money so that you can splurge on more books for your device, the Executive Jacket is also available in a synthetic version that is virtually identical in all respects, but $15 less at only $29.99.You can see more pictures, including samples of all the available colors, at the M-Edge web site.

4 out of 5

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