Importers Beware: DJ Max Portable Clazziquai

by PocketGoddess on November 5, 2008

I received my copy of DJ Portable Max Clazziquai for the PSP yesterday and when I tried it out this morning found that the game simply wouldn’t work on my device. When I start the game I get the usual Sony PSP splash screen & tone, but after that nothing but a blank screen, and no music. When I try to exit the game by pressing the Home button, the device says “Please Wait” and then hangs until I turn it off.
Informal testing with a borrowed PSP 2000 has revealed that the game will work with firmware 4.05, which happens to be provided on the game disk. But it will not work with version 5.0 which I started with this morning, nor with version 5.01 to which I upgraded when I stumbled across the problem.
I’ve written both Play-Asia and the developer, and will post an update here if I receive a response, but it seems that for now I’m stuck with a cool new game that I can’t play at all. I’ll have to content myself with playing the first two games in the series while I’m awaiting a fix; I’m not sure if a future firmware update or a downloadable patch will be able to solve the problem.

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