Skooba Design R.A.P.S. Advanced Protection System

by PocketGoddess on April 21, 2008

R.A.P.S are flexible wrappers that you can use to protect anything for which you don’t have a custom case. They’re available in three sizes–small (12″ sqaure), medium (16″ square) and large (20″ square) and four different colors–yellow, black, gray, and red. The exterior is made of a soft fleece-like fabric. Turn it over and you’ll see that the other side is black mesh, with a bronze metallic fabric showing through.

That crinkly bronze fabric is designed to protect your devices from environmental pollutants and corrosion that can seriously gunk up your circuits over time. I don’t have the fancy lab setup required to test the products’s claims in that regard, but I figure that my delicate electronic devices can use all the protection they can get. If you want more information, including before and after photos from laboratory tests, you can get it at the vendor’s web site.

Pinch the product between your fingers and you’ll be able to feel the 1/8″ foam padding sandwiched between the layers of fabric. It obviously won’t protect your mobile device from a three foot drop onto concrete, but can certainly cushion it within a larger gear bag and prevent scratches and other incidental damage. A generous square of Velcro is sturdily stiched on each corner, which is what you’ll use to create your custom case.

R.A.P.S. case with Fujitsu U810

To use R.A.P.S, you simply create a pocket to hold your stuff; the Velcro sticks to any area on the fleecy exterior. Since it is flexible, you can fold it around corners and odd shapes with ease, making it ideal for products for which a custom case solution doesn’t exist, such as the Fujitsu U810. (Yes, there are a couple of options on Fujitsu’s site, but they are very expensive and haven’t gotten rave reviews.)

For the U810, I found that the small size is absolutely perfect. In order to create my own custom “case” I just put the machine battery-side up in the middle of the R.A.P.S. with the top corner of the R.A.P.S. pointing up, then. folded in each corner. I folded in the right side first, then the bottom, carefully lining up the edges so that everything is straight and neat. I also tucked in the new corners that were created with each fold, ensuring that the U810 is completely covered and protected.

Now that I have the R.A.P.S. case created, I only have to unfold two of the corners when I want to pull out the U810, making the rewrapping process at the end of each session easy and fast. Of course this small size R.A.P.S. is perfect for other small devices as well, such as the Sony PSP, a PDA–anything for which a custom case isn’t available, or you just don’t want to make the investment (since custom cases can easily run $25 to $50 each).

Another handy use might be to secure several smaller items in your bag, such as AC adapters, cables, game cartridges in accessory cases, etc. They can also be used as packing dividers in your bag if you don’t fashion them into pockets; simply use them to cushion and separate items that aren’t particularly delicate, but shouldn’t rub together. Since the R.A.P.S. are soft and flexible, and can be fashioned into just about any shape, you can easily come up with a variety of uses for them.

Even better, they’re currently on sale–the Small is $11.65, the Medium is $13.45, and the Large is $16.15. You can purchase them online at the Skooba Design online store.

5 out of 5

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