Capdase Life Style Urban Pouch for the Sony PSP Slim/2000

by PocketGoddess on January 28, 2008

Capdase Urban Pouch M for Sony PSP 2000

This case is a very simple pouch design, hence the name. Made of black nylon with a bit of silver detailing on the end of the flap, the case is very basic and functional. When I first got it, I will admit to not liking it all that much–it was a little too plain, and not as fashionable as what I have come to expect from Capdase. After I got the extended battery pack for the PSP, however, it quickly grew on me and the Urban Pouch has now become my favorite case.

The reason for that is simple; with the extended battery pack one end of the PSP 2000 is a little bigger than the other, making it difficult (if not impossible) to use with a form-fitting case like the Soft Jacket reviewed below. Others of course my simply prefer to use their PSP “naked” without a playthrough case, but might need something to protect their PSP from all of the sharp, pointy, and therefore potentially hazardous loose objects in a backpack or gear bag.

Capdase Urban Pouch for PSP 2000, open

The Urban Pouch performs that task admirably (and dare I say it?) in style. My PSP is readily available at any time; since the flap is secured by Velcro access is quick and I don’t have to worry about a snap causing screen damage (which can happen if excess pressure is used to close the snap). Under the flap you’ll find three MS Pro Duo slots that hold extra memory cards securely. Since the case goes all the way up to the top, the PSP is fully protected, with only a very small portion of the top edge of the device exposed in any way.

The inner compartment is lined with the same soft black nylon fabric, and though it isn’t fuzzy enough to wipe fingerprints off the screen of your portable console, it certainly won’t scratch it either. It is possible, though difficult, to slide in a slim UMD case behind the PSP–the flat kind that hold four UMDs very compactly, with no extra bulk ((you can get a three-pack for $8 at Circuit City; oddly enough Target charges $10 for the same product). You could also store your earbuds and a polishing cloth inside, if you don’t want to try and squeeze in a few more UMDs. Since there’s a bit of extra room, there’s no reason why this case wouldn’t work with the original PSP “phat” though I don’t have one available to test that theory.

Capdase Urban Pouch for PSP 2000, side with PSP and extra UMD Case Storage

On the back of the case you’ll find a belt loop and a heavy duty ring that could be used to suspend the case from a bag or belt. There’s also a hidden pocket on the back, at the top of the loop, that is designed to store extra UMDs. The small pocket only comfortably holds one UMD, though you can shove in two if you work at it. The pocket is secured by Velcro and a little hard to open; thankfully it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the case or it would be very difficult to retrieve the UMDs stored in it.

Capdase Urban Pouch for PSP 2000, Back with UMD Storage Detail

All in all I really like this case and it has become my new PSP case of choice. It adds basic protection to the PSP without a lot of bulk, and I also like playing with my PSP more since I can remove the device completely for use. With my small hands, every bit of bulk and weight I can remove is a good thing, and after all, isn’t that why I splurged on the PSP 2000 upgrade to begin with?

Best of all, this case is available for only $9.90 at Play-Asia, making this one of the most inexpensive PSP cases available. Both black and silver versions are available, but I would steer clear of the pink version. Pink is usually my favorite color, but all of the photos on Pla-Asia show it as a Nintendo DS Lite case, even though the site says it is compatible with the Sony PSP.

5 out of 5

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