Nintendo DS Lite Case from Waterfield Designs

by PocketGoddess on November 12, 2007

Waterfield DS Lite case, front

The Nintendo DS Lite is highly portable and easy to carry, thanks to the folding design that protects both screens while you have it tucked away in a pocket or cargo bag. If you’re worried about protecting the exterior finish from scratches, or if you want to take more than one game with you, you’ll need a carrying case for your portable console. There are a lot of choices out there, but some of them are poorly designed, others are poorly made, and they don’t always have the right mix of features to suit your needs.

Enter the Nintendo DS Lite case from Waterfield Designs, in black with your choice of accent colors. The exterior is made of the same ballistic nylon used on other Waterfield cases, which means that it is strong and easy to wipe clean. The back of the case has a large pocket that will accommodate ear buds and/or up to three GBA cartridges. If you put in ear buds, the back pocket will tend to stick out a bit unless you place them carefully. The zipper is the self locking type, which means that you don’t have to worry about it coming open accidentally in your bag–a big plus.

Waterfield DS Lite Case, back pocket

The top flap is made of black leather, and two snaps at the bottom of the flap allow you to secure the case. They’re easy enough to open and close, but it’s a shame that magnetic snaps weren’t used. As with other Waterfield cases, there are no large logos or branding tags to distract from the overall clean and practical look of the case. There is an option to have Nintendo NES Controller-inspired cutouts on the exterior flap,but I chose to stick with the plain design.

Open the flap and right underneath you’ll see the snug little compartment that perfectly fits your Nintendo DS. It is lined with a soft, cushy fabric that protects the device from scratches and may even help wipe some fingerprints off of that glossy Lite exterior. Now you may have been wondering what that fabric loop on the bottom of the case is for; it’s designed to help you remove your DS Lite from the case more easily. Just put the thumb of one hand through the loop and use two fingers from the other hand to draw the DS Lite out of the case, and you’ll be ready to game in no time. The pictures show the pink leather interior flap option, you can also choose lime green or black leather.

Waterfield DS Lite Case, open

Of course this is a Waterfield case, so the features don’t stop there. An organizer panel just in front of the DS compartment holds three cartridges quite snugly in their own individual little pockets. Since the game pockets are made of leather, you can’t seen which game is in which one. The cutout on the bottom of each pocket allows you to easily remove the game; just push up a bit on the cartridge and it slides out the top of the pocket. Right under that you’ll see a narrow horizontal pocket for a spare stylus. I found it to be a little awkward to use, since there is a big snap on each side of the stylus pocket.

I’ve been using this case for several months now, and it still looks just as good as when it first arrived. I really like how the case allows me to carry several games and my earbuds, but is still very small and compact. Most Nintendo DS cases are huge and bulky, with room for the kitchen sink, a small child, a bowling ball–you get the idea. If you fill it up completely, you can store three additional DS games (four total, if you have one in the DS) plus two GBA games and a pair of earbuds–which should be more than enough to keep you busy, even when you’re on vacation.

If you’re looking for a classy yet practical case for your Nintendo DS Lite, you can’t do any better than the offering from Waterfield Designs. I recommend it highly and am proud to give it a superior rating. You can get one for yourself at the very reasonable price of $39 at the Waterfield online store.

5 out of 5

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