Think CBS is “NUTS” to Cancel Jericho?

by PocketGoddess on May 23, 2007

I think so, and if you agree, you can join the fans sending a tangible message to the programming executives at CBS. Jericho is an intelligent show with multifaceted characters, interesting stories, and a “what if” scenario that certainly makes you think. In the show’s season finale, Jake Green’s response to a neighboring town demanding that Jericho surrender its land and resources was “NUTS!” (which was also General McAullife’s response to the German call for surrender at WWII’s Battle of the Bulge).
Now you can do the same by donating to the effort to send roasted peanuts to the offices of CBS. Angry letters and online petitions are one thing, but not terribly effective in making a big impression. This is the sort of idea that I wish I’d thought of first, and I’m doing my small part by helping to spread the word about the campaign to save Jericho–the last thing we need is yet another reality show!
You can get all the details, including how to contribute, photos of the deliveries, and a running tally of nuts sent (almost four tons so far) by clicking here.

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