Check it Out: Gomadic Blog Launch

by PocketGoddess on May 17, 2007

I just received word that the good folks over at Gomadic have created a company blog. If you’re not familiar with their products, you should be–their Double Wall AC Charger is simply my favorite tech accessory ever. You can read a review of it here; reviews of their other products are here, here, and here, plus an interview with the company president here.
The Gomadic blog serves several purposes, offering sneak peeks at upcoming products like the Charging Valet and also serving as a place to learn more about the company. I found the “Going Green” post to be of particular interest, because it explains the motivation behind Gomadic’s Tip Exchange technology. It saves a lot of hassle and frustration for mobile device users, allowing us to charge multiple devices with just one charger and a couple of interchangeable tips. What I hadn’t realized is how much of an impact that simple idea can have on the environment, because if more people would buy into the concept, there would be a lot fewer obsolete chargers floating around and getting dumped in landfills when we upgrade to newer devices.
This is your chance to get involved, talk back to Gomadic, and let them know what you’d like to see in future products. I put in a plea for tips for a couple of my devices, like the Game Boy Micro and the second generation iPod Shuffle. It’s pretty rare these days for a company to care so much about what their customers think that they take the time to open up a two-way conversation like this, so take advantage of the opportunity. Click here to visit the Gomadic company blog.

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