iFrogz Shuffle Bandz

by PocketGoddess on April 9, 2007

iFrogz Bandz Shuffle Accessory

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” sort of products. I’ve reviewed arm band cases for larger iPods in the past, and while they do the job they aren’t always very convenient or comfortable to wear. If you have a new Shuffle though, and don’t want to attach it to your clothes or bag (which can leave it awkwardly flopping around and prone to damage if it slips off) you might want to get yourself one of iFrogz latest accessories.

Bandz is a bracelet-style “landing pad” for your second generation Shuffle, and it works quite well. Just slip it on your wrist and attach the Shuffle, and you’re ready to go. I found it to be much more convenient than clipping the Shuffle to my shirt/waistband. There’s no need to look at the Shuffle’s screen, because of course it doesn’t have one, but I still find it easier to look at the controls when I want to advance to the next song or adjust the volume.

I know the controls are intuitive and all, but depending on how you attach the Shuffle (or how it flops) I never can seem to get the orientation just right so when I want to skip a song, I always tend to go back and start it over at the beginning instead. When I’m using Bandz, it’s easy to look at the Shuffle as if I were wearing a watch, hit the right button, and go on about my business. I don’t have to worry about dropping or damaging my diminutive little player either, since I’m both more aware and less concerned about it since it’s on my wrist instead of on my hip pocket, which always seems to run into the edges of door frames and file drawers.

Of course you may be looking at the picture wondering why you can’t do the same thing with one of those rubber bracelets you likely have laying around the house. You can, though not nearly so well–this product is wider than the typical bracelet, and has a molded indentation/cut-out that exactly matches the size of the Shuffle. That means that once you clip your Shuffle onto the Bandz, it doesn’t slip and slide around, staying firmly in place. Bandz is small enough to fit just right, leaving the Shuffle where you put it–either on the top or bottom, depending on your preference. I have a fairly large frame for a lady, so bear that in mind when evaluating whether or not a Bandz Shuffle accessory is right for you. It stretches slightly to get it on, but since it’s thicker than a regular rubber bracelet it likely won’t stretch out all that much and therefore wouldn’t work for a huge guy–it would be uncomfortably tight.

I don’t have any details about color or pricing to go with this review, because Shuffle Bandz and their leather Strapz cousins have been announced by iFrogz but are not yet available for purchase on their site. I imagine that a variety of colors will be offered and the price should be reasonable, considering the extremely simple nature of this product.

4 out of 5

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