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by PocketGoddess on April 10, 2007

iFrogz iYoYoThe iYoYo is similar to the cable turtles you may already have seen, in that it has an interior spindle covered by an outer shell. The iYoYo is much smaller though, since it’s designed to keep your earbuds safe and tangle-free when you throw them in your gear bag. To use it, just wrap the cord around the spindle. The headphone jack will tuck in quite nicely, leaving only the hard part of the earbud sticking out. While your earbuds aren’t completely covered by the shell, the important thing here is preventing tangles and knots.
It takes just a few seconds to unwrap your earbuds when you want to use them, but you don’t have to remove them from the iYoYo completely. It’s small and light enough to serve as an effective cord manager even while you’re listening to your tunes–it takes just a bit of planning and forethought. Instead of starting from the headphone jack end when you wrap the cord, start closer to the middle, wrapping each end in turn. You can then unwrap only as much as you need to plug in, and to reach your ears, leaving the iYoYo in the middle of the cord with all of the unnecessary cord still wrapped around the spindle. This is especially useful for those who are more annoyed by overlong headphone cords than they are by the small extra weight that the iYoYo adds.
You can also use it as a mini cord management tool; it worked exceptionally well for the ridiculously long sensor bar cord for the Nintendo Wii. In my home entertainment setup, the Wii sits right next to the TV so I don’t need more than 100 inches of cable running to the sensor bar; wrapping it up in the iYoYo solves the problem quite nicely. This won’t work for “monster” cables like power cords and AV cables, but it will work for any sort of cable that is very thin and relatively flexible.
The iYoYo is a simple little accessory, but it works. Fortunately the price is fairly little too, at $5.99. As an earbud holder it works fairly well, though iFrogz has a better solution I’ll be reviewing tomorrow The iYoYo is in my opinion better suited to general cable/cord management than earphone storage. You can order one at the iFrogz online store.
4 out of 5

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