Back in the Saddle Again

by PocketGoddess on April 2, 2007

Things have been pretty quiet around the site lately, and my loyal readers may have been wondering what’s going on. We’ve had some illness in the family and a few other issues, but things are slowly getting back to normal.
I’ve got a lot of great articles and reviews lined up, so it’s not going to be quiet any longer. In the coming weeks you can expect several standalone product reviews, an iFrogz focus week, and reviews of every major PIM application on the Windows Mobile platform.
There are also some new categories being added to the PocketGoddess portfolio, thanks to the addition of a second-gen iPod Shuffle and the Nintendo Wii. While the focus will always be on PDAs/handheld news and reviews, the PocketGoddess is also a gamer at heart so you can expect to see expanded gaming coverage as well.
Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned! You won’t be disappointed.

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