Proporta News: Splash Proof Sports Kit, New Lateral Cases

by PocketGoddess on January 29, 2007

Proporta has some cool new mobile accessories available. The first is the Splash Proof Sports Kit for the 2nd gen iPod Nano, which includes a dual layer silicone case, protective screen cover, adjustable armband, lanyard, splash proof base, and an optional free belt clip. This is a great idea for sporting enthusiasts, and may even help those “couch potatoes” who resolved to be more active in the new year, since music can be such a great motivator during workouts. The kit is $39.95, and you can get it here.
The new Lateral Case is a very elegant bit of design, combining an aluminum device holster with an alu-leather face cover for protection and style. One of the main enhancements is the extra protection for the sides of the device; often the only way to fully cover a device is with an aluminum hard case, but then you have the problem of the rigid face cover always being in the way. Since the lateral case has a leather face cover with an interior aluminum reinforcement, this cover can easily be folded behind the device to get it out of the way.The first model available is for the Palm Treo 700, though other devices will soon enjoy custom-fit lateral cases of their own. For more information, including photos, click here.

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