JimiX, Jimi SD Clip, Jimi Multi Media

by PocketGoddess on January 8, 2007


JimiX and Jimi SD CLip

The JimiX is a modified version of the original Jimi Wallet, which I reviewed here. The simple push open mechanism is exactly the same, and the interior still has the slot that holds four cards such as credit/insurance cards, ID, etc. The “X” difference is the money clip on the outside of the wallet instead of the inside. This new design is entirely based on customer demand, because folks wanted a Jimi wallet that was able to hold more cash than the original.

The clip is very cleverly designed in such a way that it simply will not come off of the wallet; it it is a separate part that is attached inside and comes out of the wallet through a small opening in the back. Since the entire wallet is made out of plastic, it is water-resistant, though the clip opening does mean that splashed water that hits in just the right spot could get inside and make for soggy business cards.

This comes at the cost of an interior money clip, and a bit of security for your cash (in my opinion at least), though it does mean that you can access your cash without opening your wallet, which does provide a bit more security for the cards you’re carrying inside the wallet. But that exterior clip does come with a significant advantage–you can now attach the JimiX to your belt, waistband, pocket, or bag. This is a great convenience for those times you find yourself without pockets, or need quick access to your ID/credit cards without rummaging through a seemingly bottomless purse or gear bag.

JimiX is available in blue, clear, safety orange, and Stealth (black) for $15.95 each, which is only one dollar more than the original Jimi wallet.

4.5 out of 5

Jimi SD Clip

The Jimi SD Clip isn’t a standalone product, but an accessory that replaces the interior money clip portion of the original Jimi wallet. The SD clip is made of translucent plastic and has a money clip on one end and two SD card slots on the other end. To use it, just slide the original clip that came with your wallet out and slide in the Jimi SD Clip. It fits perfectly in your existing Jimi wallet and is great for storing SD and phone SIM cards.

To store a card, slide it into the card slot and under the small retaining clip; they’re held securely without being too frustratingly hard to remove from the holder. All you have to do to get the card out is slide it out the same way that you slid it in. You can still use the bottom clip to hold cash or a couple of business cards, though they will lay partially on top of the memory cards.

This is a great accessory choice if you would like to enhance the funcationality of your original Jimi wallet. The SD Clip doesn’t take up any extra space, but may help prevent you from losing a tiny memory card–in most cases the financial investment is fairly small, but the data is priceless. The Jimi SD Clip is $5.95.

5 out of 5

Jimi Multi Media

Jimi Multi Media Case

This case holds as many as four memory expansion cards and is quite handy, thanks to a built in keyring loop so that you can attach it to almost anything. The outer shell of the case is made of 100% recycled plastic, and a small latch on the side keeps the case tightly closed. Open up the case and you’ll find a pale blue interior that has precut slots for a wide variety of memory cards; it will hold almost everything you can throw at it, including xD, SD, MMC, miniSD with adapter, Memory Stick and MS Duo, Compact Flash, and 1″ hard drives.

Depending on what kind of cards you store, the Jimi Multi Media Case can hold as many as four. In the picture you can see an MS Duo on one side and an SD card on the other; you can also stack either Memory Stick or Compact Flash cards on top, for a maximum capacity of four cards. The cutouts in the lining are perfectly sized to hold each card type, so they are held securely inside the case.

The Jimi Multi Media case is $8.95, which seems a bit pricey to me. Then again, the investment is well worth it when you consider how much more than that a single lost memory card will cost you in the long run.

4.5 out of 5


All of the products reviewed here, as well as the original Jimi wallet, are available at http://www.thejimi.com. The Jimi, JimiX, and SD card Clip are made out of 100% recycled plastic, and are also recyclable as well. It’s nice to know that such well-designed products are also environmentally friendly, so there’s no guilt involved with the purchase.

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