Spb Software House Unleashes Spb UniThemes 2.0

by PocketGoddess on December 11, 2006

One of the coolest things about Windows Mobile devices is the ability to skin the Today page and a lot of applications, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to make your own themes or track down the good stuff floating around out there on the ‘net. Fortunately the very good folks at Spb Software House have done a lot of work to make the process easier with their new Spb UniThemes 2.0.
Each theme skins several applications at once, from the Today page to Calculator, Windows Media Player, Dialer, and all of the Spb applications you may already have installed on your device, such as Spb Time, Spb Weather, and much more. The installation process is surprisingly painless, and when you’re done most all of the applications on your device has a single color scheme with a unified look. There are several UniThemes available; I chose the Black 47 version and my Dell Axim has never looked so put together and cool.
The downloads are free if you sign up for ClubSpb, which is a free membership. Get more information or pick a theme to download by clicking here.

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