Gomadic Double Wall AC Charger

by PocketGoddess on November 17, 2006

At first glance, the Gomadic Double Wall AC Charger looks like any other AC adapter. After all, it plugs into any wall outlet and charges your device, much like what probably came with your handheld or smartphone in the first place. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the cord actually splits into two parts, allowing you to charge two devices at once. The cords are long enough that you can easily plug this charger into an outlet close to the floor and then run the cords up to a desk or table. A quick glance at the end of each cord shows that each one has a female connector designed to work with Gomadic’s exclusive TipExchange technology, and the (almost) limitless possibilities become quite clear indeed. (Please note the picture shows a TipExchange tip attached to one cord and one without, for comparison.)

Gomadic Double Wall AC Charger

I won’t go into the specifics of how TipExchange works, because I’ve already covered that in a previous article (you can read it here). Suffice it to say that there are hundreds of TipExchange tips offered by Gomadic,so chances are you’ll be able to get them for all of your devices. On a recent trip I took along this dual charger and I was able to power my Dell Axim x51V, my Motorola RAZR phone, and my Sony PSP with a minimum of fuss and clutter. It worked flawlessly and I couldn’t be more pleased with all the room I was able to save in my bag since I didn’t have to lug around the equivalent of an electronics store just to keep my mobile devices “fed” with power.

The most pleasant surprise is that this product is able to charge anything I’ve thrown at it so far, including my very power-hungry Dell Axim X51v. Most mobile chargers simply don’t have enough power to charge this particular PDA, which has been a source of endless frustration to me. This double charger is capable of putting out 2 Amps though, so it not only works for the Dell and another device at the same time, it can also charge your devices faster than an adapter with a lower power output. I don’t have any scientific method of testing this claim, but I can subjectively say that I am quite pleased with the charger’s performance. I can plug in my PDA and phone at the end of a very long day of use and find them both charged in less than three hours, instead of the usual five or six hours I would typically expect.

The Gomadic Double Wall AC Charger has earned a permanent place in my daily gear bag (and suitcase, when I travel)–I just can’t imagine living the mobile life without it. All I need now to make my life “complete” is a Gomadic Tip for the Nintendo DS Lite; otherwise my PSP will be the portable gaming console of choice by default whenever I take a trip. And since that is the only negative I can come up with in this review, I have no choice but to give the Gomadic Double Wall AC Charger a PocketGoddess “Perfect 10″ Award. if you have multiple mobile devices and Gomadic offers compatible tips, you need to get this charger; thankfully it will only set you back $34.95 at the Gomadic online store. You’ll save a ton of money buying device-specific cables and chargers, and get rid of a whole bunch of clutter at the same time.

A Perfect 10!

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