Brando Offers “Kitchen Sink” Card Reader

by PocketGoddess on November 13, 2006

Do you have more different memory card types than you know what to do with? Gone are the days of one format taking care of all your needs, though I’m pretty lucky at only having to deal with two: SD for my PDA and Memory Stick Duo for my camera and PSP–and my Fujitsu LifeBook has built-in slots for both formats.
If you’re not as lucky as I am, and you’d rather use a card reader instead of connecting your various devices to a computer to transfer data, Brando Workshop may have the perfect peripheral for you. Their new 55-in-1 memory card reader promises to read just about every memory card format known to man, except Smart Media. From the pictures on the Brando site, the unit looks nicely compact, and the price of $28 is quite reasonable too.
Full release below; click on the link to go to the product page on the Brando web site.

Brando WorkShop 55 in 1 Card Reader
The New Generation of Card Reader begins!!
Brando WorkShop 55 in 1 Card Reader works with the most popular cards, even new SDHC / SDHC 2.0 cards. Besides, it is able to read MicroSD/T-Flash, miniSD, Memory Stick Micro (M2) directly WITHOUT any adapters!
With the new design and advanced chipset, it is capable of TURBO speed access! Like Extreme III CF, it takes only 6 secs to copy 100MB files, whereas other common card readers takes 14 secs.
So, what sort of disadvantages of this card reader? Smart Media Card is incompatible though. Guess you no longer use Smart Media Card, don’t you?
Available by the end of Nov. 2006

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