Waterfield Pic Pocket Camera Case

by PocketGoddess on October 30, 2006

Waterfield Pic Pocket Camera Case in pink leather

I was sent the Focus Pic Pocket case in pink leather for review, and it’s the perfect size for my Sony T-30 digital camera. The case design is very simple, but effective. The sides of the case are made out of your chosen material (more details below) and the edges are made of water resistant black ballistic nylon. There are no branding details or logos on the outside of the case, which I find quite refreshing. It also perfectly matches the Pink Cozmo bag that I reviewed last year.

There’s a handy little tab at the top corner that serves as either a hand carrying loop or an attachment point for the included carabiner clip. Right next to that is the heavy duty YKK zipper with a long black pull for easy gripping. The zipper extends around two edges of the case, which allows it to open fully enough to get your camera in and out easily, but not far enough that your camera is all that likely to fall out if you forget to zip it up after taking a picture. I actually tested this by shaking the unzipped case quite violently (with a hand underneath to catch my camera if it dropped!) but nothing budged. Obviously I don’t recommend leaving the case unsecured, but this is a testament to the quality of Waterfield’s design of the product.

Waterfield Pic Pocket Camera Case, interior

Inside the case you’ll find an impressive amount of padding; the interior is made of very soft Neoprene, so you don’t have to worry about any bumps or scratches damaging your delicate camera. There’s an open pocket on each side that is big enough for a credit or business card, and you can also store extra memory cards too–though they might fall out if you aren’t careful opening the case. It would have been nice to see little elastic loops on one side into which you could slide in an xD, SD, or Memory Stick card for a more secure fit.

The case holds up quite well to daily use; I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it still looks brand new. My T-30 fits inside perfectly, with just enough space to clear the zipper easily, but not so much space that it rattles around inside the case. The only thing that doesn’t work just perfectly is the hand strap on my camera–I like to leave it on the camera so that when I’m out and about taking pictures, I can slip the strap over my wrist and never have to worry about losing the grip and dropping my $400++ baby to an early death by concrete!

Since the strap attaches on the side of the camera, and not the top or bottom, it does stick out of the case a bit. I put the side with the strap attachment near the open end of the case and then wrap the strap around the top of the camera and zip up the case. It sticks out a couple of inches at the end, providing a quick way to pull the camera out of the case, or if I’m dropping the case into a gear bag or packing it for a trip, I can tuck the end of the camera strap completely into the case. Depending on where your strap attaches to your camera, this may or may not be an issue for you, and of course if you prefer to go “strapless” then it isn’t a concern at all.

The Pic Pocket is a pouch-style camera case that comes in eight different sizes and six colors, so you’re bound to find one that fits both your camera and your personality. The sizes are named after common photographic terms (Aperture, Composition, Exposure, Flash, Focus, Megapixel, Panorama, and Zoom). You also have your choice of two fabrics, either Indium ($29) in Blue, Taxi Yellow, or Gray, or Leather ($33) in Pink, Orange, or Black. A handy size chart on the site covers an impressive array of cameras from all the top manufacturers, but if yours isn’t listed you can either call or email for help in selecting the right case for the perfect fit. It would make a lovely gift for a camera enthusiast, or of course for yourself, and I recommend it highly for anyone looking for a simple yet protective camera case. You can order the Pic Pocket from the Waterfield online store.

5 out of 5

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