RIP: Lik-Sang

by PocketGoddess on October 24, 2006

Lik-Sang, a popular exporter of video games, accessories, and consoles, announced today that they were going out of business. According to a release posted on the company home page, this is due to Sony lawsuits and a recent judgment by a court in the UK that their sales of Japanese PSP consoles to customers in Europe are illegal. Lik-Sang asserts that their business activities are not illegal and break no Hong Kong laws, where the company is based, but cites the mounting cost of legal fees as the reason for closing up.
Oddly enough, the release also names several high-ranking Sony executives based in Europe who evidently purchased Sony PSP units directly from Lik-Sang when the portable gaming console was released, months before the official European launch or any legal action from Sony. Sony states that the lawsuits were necessary to prevent injuries or other problems related to game hardware that is not compatible with European voltage or certified by the appropriate regional authorities.
Lik-Sang is currently in the process of issuing customer refunds and sorting out repair/RMA issues.
While I understand Sony’s position, this is also a sad day for gamers all over the world who are in some cases prevented from pursuing their hobby due to their location. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not wanting to wait several months for a particular game or console to be “legally” available in your region, and sometimes certain titles are never released outside of Asia and are therefore unobtainable except through an exporter, eBay, etc. Of course games aren’t the only products these types of companies sell, so Japanese toy and music collectors may also need to find new sources for the objects of their desire. It will be interesting to see what happens with other companies such as Play-Asia–will Sony target them next?

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