Just Wondering: Halloween

by PocketGoddess on October 25, 2006

I’m not normally much of a horror/slasher film fan, but I must admit to being thoroughly caught up in the tenth anniversary of AMC’s Monster Fest. They’re showing a ton of horror films this week and next, including all of the Halloween franchise, The Exorcist and its two sequels, Hellraiser, Friday the 13th and its sequels etc. They’re showing some of the old classics as well, such as Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Wolf Man (1941), and The Mummy (1932)–though not in prime time, so you’ll have to set the DVR. I’m particularly enjoying the Halloween series, because they’re honestly frightening without being terribly gory, especially the first one. Just hearing the few notes that comprise the theme (or even remembering them!) makes chills run up my spine.
Watching all these old horror flicks makes me wonder though–if Michael Meyers always comes back to Haddonfield to commit unspeakable acts on Halloween, why don’t folks just skip the whole thing each year and go on a cruise?

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