Fortte iPod Nano Flip Style Leather Case and Leather Business Organizer

by PocketGoddess on October 11, 2006

iPod Nano Flip Style Leather Case

Fortte iPod Nano Flip Style Leather Case, front

I’ve seen a lot of iPod Nano cases in my day, and I could tell immediately when I examined this case from Fortte that they had put a lot of thought and care into the design. The case almost completely covers the delicate Nano, but the player is still very easy to access and use while it is in the case. The version I was sent for review is made of black leather and has white contrast stitching, plus a small metal logo and the embossed Fortte name on the front. The leather is top quality and quite smooth, though the stitching is a bit uneven and there are a couple of rough spots close to the bottom, where the stitches double back on themselves, probably to lock off the end of a thread. The back of the case is plain, except for an embossed “genuine leather” logo and the attachment point for a belt clip, if you want one. The clip is removable and is of good quality, made of thick plastic and will swivel freely.

Fortte iPod Nano Flip Style Leather Case, open

The case is secured by a snap flap that goes over the top; once you unsnap it you can access the Nano. As you can see from the pictures, the device is held in the case by a leather sleeve that almost completely covers it. There is a clear plastic window to protect the screen, while the click wheel is left open. A small cutout at the appropriate spot accommodates the headphone jack, and the interior of the case is lined with a velvety soft grade of corduroy to protect the Nano from scratches. What I like most about this case is the fact that the Nano slides in upside down, so that the top is at the bottom when you’re wearing the case on your belt. It’s much more convenient that way, because you can just look down and use the scroll wheel to change playlists, etc. instead of trying to twist your head into an awkward position to read the screen or having to remove the case from your belt.

I really like this case, which is why it got a high score even though there are a couple of drawbacks. As I mentioned earlier, the stitching isn’t as nice as what I’ve seen on several other leather cases–it’s not Vaja quality, but then again you’re not paying anywhere near a Vaja price either. I’m also a little concerned about the fact that since the screen faces the back of the case when it is closed (which is a good thing because it provides some extra protection) that also puts the screen right behind the attachment nub for the belt clip. Though the case is nicely padded and fairly thick at that point, I’m worried about the long term consequences of that arrangement. I’d also like to see a magnetic snap instead of a regular snap, so less pressure is required to close the case.

You can get the Fortte iPod Nano Flip Style Leather Case in your choice of black or red, and with or without the removable belt clip, for $34.99. It’s a good value, only slightly more expensive than the typical silicone case.

4.5 out of 5

Leather Business Organizer

Fortte Leather Business Organizer, open

The Leather Business Organizer is essentially a business card case with a few extra features. It is made of smooth, high quality black leather, though unlike the iPod case the stitching is black. That makes the case look more professional, though there is some puckering along the edges, especially around the top curve of the case. A small embossed Fortte logo is on the bottom right corner of the front flap. Inside the case you’ll find that it’s mostly leather, with a small portion lined in black nylon with the Fortte name and logo. The inside flap has the Fortte name and embossed logo, along with three memory card slots. They work well for SD cards and Memory Stick, with a small cutout on the bottom of each slot to facilitate removal of the card. The slots are rather tight, which means that there shouldn’t be too much concern about cards falling out.

Fortte Leather Business Organizer

The bottom of the case has two credit card slots on the front, and then a roomy interior compartment for business cards. I was able to get a large stack of 34 cards into the case without any problem; the sides of the case are gusseted so that it expands as necessary. In the back of the main compartment are two SIM card slots, which is handy for those who travel frequently to Europe and Asia and like to use prepaid SIM cards with their GSM phones.

This case is nicely done, though I did notice some puckering in the stitching on the outside of the case, and the interior leather is a bit “wrinkled” around the credit card slots, though I suspect that this will even out with a bit more use. You can get the Leather Business Organizer for $29.99; it is only available in black at this time.

3.5 out of 5


Both of these products are nicely made and reasonably priced. The iPod case in particular stood out as a well-designed item, with exceptional attention to detail regarding both form and functionality. While the Leather Business Organizer didn’t fare quite as well, it is a quality product worthy of your consideration. You can find these two items as well as cases for just about any PDA, smartphone, or iPod at the Fortte online store.

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