Speck Products Connect & Protect for the Apple iPod Nano

by PocketGoddess on July 13, 2006

Connect & Protect

Speck Products Connect & Protect for Apple iPod Nano, shown with holster

Connect & Protect is actually several different cases in one, thanks to an innovative system that allows you to decide how you want to carry the case. The foundation of the system is a simple rubberized sleeve that includes a removable screen protector shield. The click wheel is left open so you can control your music easily, and there are also cutouts for the hold switch at the top and both the charge/sync port and headphone jack on the bottom of the case. As with all of Speck’s cases, this one is made of durable, thick material that will certainly protect your Nano from every day bumps and scrapes.

What makes Connect & Protect so unique is the special attachment point at the top of the case. Several accessories come with the package, including a carabiner, a wrist strap, a lanyard, and a belt holster. Each one has a little plastic dongle that connects to that special spot on the top of the case, meaning that you can change how you carry the case every single day of the week if you like. Changing accessories is as easy as mashing in one end of the dongle and giving it a little twist to push it through to the other side and lock it into place.

Speck Products Connect & Protect for Apple iPod Nano, detail

It’s very quick and easy to do, but at the same time it’s also very secure–I didn’t feel uncomfortable dangling the case from the wrist strap or from the lanyard around my neck, and of course the carabiner attachment is perfect for hanging the case on a bag or purse. If you want a belt clip, use the holster instead; just put one side of the case underneath the two “arms” on the right side of the case and push the left side down to secure the case in the holster. There’s a belt clip on the back that allows you to attach the case to your belt, and a ratcheting clip allows you to position the Nano at just about any angle you please.

This isn’t really a case, it’s more of a carrying system for the iPod Nano, and I really like it. The design is clever, and having all of the different carry options makes this case much more versatile. Even better, it’s currently on sale for $17.48 on the Speck Products web site.

5 out of 5

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