Vaja i-Volution Leather Suit SP2 for Motorola RAZR

by PocketGoddess on June 22, 2006

Vaja i-Volution Leather Suit SP2 for Motorola RAZRI’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of Vaja’s excellent cases over the years, and this one is as beautiful as all of the others. The exterior is all leather, is wonderfully smooth to the touch, and is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a very subtle grain to the material that makes the case look rich. The interior is also fully leather lined, and is embossed with the Vaja name and logo in a miniature repeating pattern that is very cool. The case is stiffened so that it has a good body and holds its shape, even if it isn’t on a phone

Vaja provides instructions for getting the case on your RAZR, though it really isn’t difficult. Open your phone, slide one of the bottom edges under the holder, and then press the other side of your phone underneath the one on the other side to secure it in the bottom of the case. The top is a little trickier, as you have to fully extend the case and fit the top edge underneath the two side grippers. Once you get it started, the easiest way to complete the installation is to flip your phone closed. Once closed, the case will adjust itself to its permanent position on the phone.

As you can see from the photos, the case almost completely covers the phone. The top portion of the flip is completely covered, except for a screen cutout and one for the camera lens. The sides are left partially uncovered so you can use the buttons, though the case is just a bit wider at the top than the bottom so the hinge area gets a little extra protection. The back of the phone is mostly covered, except for a small portion at the top. There’s a cutout just over the speaker that is protected with a mesh insert, so nothing can damage your phone. About the only area that doesn’t have any protection at all is at the front, on the bottom portion of the flip. This will only be a problem if you put your phone in your pocket with keys or change, or if you happen to drop your phone and it happens to fall in just the wrong way in a “Murphy’s Law” sort of situation. I wish that the case covered a bit more of that area, though I can understand that may have been too difficult to build into the design.
Vaja i_Volution for RAZR, side view
This case works particularly well in actual daily use. Vaja cases not only look great, they work great as well, and this one is no exception. What I like best is the fact that the portion of the case attached to the top part of the flip is attached very securely, so the case doesn’t slip up (or off!) when I open the phone to make a call. The leather on either side of the hinge that joins the two halves of the case together has not been stiffened like the front/back of the case, so it just folds up when you open the phone. This is especially nice because other cases that do move also tend to obscure the camera lens, meaning that you can’t make quick snapshots without partially removing the phone from the case. No problem with that here, though I did notice that it was a little more difficult to get the phone to open fully. I’m sure that it will loosen up over time though; I’ve only been using this case a couple of weeks.

Vaja i-Volution for RAZR, open

I also appreciate the extra high quality belt clip. It is very solidly made, with an extra wide metal hinge portion inside the plastic clip. It isn’t flimsy like many clips I’ve seen, and I have no doubt that it will stand up to a lot of use. The clip attachment on the back of the phone case is metal, though with the nice interior lining on the case metal never touches your phone. The case swings freely around when you have it attached to your belt or waistband, which is the most comfortable way to design it. You don’t have to worry about the case being accidentally detached from the clip, as the only way it will come off is if you push down on the release button when the clip is turned exactly 90 degrees.

Like all Vaja cases, the i-Volution Leather Suit SP2 for the Motorola RAZR is truly a work of art, and a highly functional one at that. While I wish that a bit more of the front of the phone were covered, I don’t have any real complaints and am therefore happy to award this product a “5 Goddess” rating. If you have a PDA, mobile phone, or other small electronic device and want to treat yourself to an exceptionally luxurious case, you can’t go wrong with Vaja. And with the extensive customization options, you’re sure to find exactly the right case option to match your personality. I can’t ask for anything much better than this grey and pink beauty of a case to go with my pink RAZR, but I’ll understand if you want something just a little more sedate. Prices start at $75, and you can get started at the Vaja Cases web site.

5 out of 5

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