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by PocketGoddess on June 12, 2006

Big Brain Academy is the sequel to Brain Age, a game that has been a smash hit in Japan and done very well here in the US. The idea is to “train your brain” with simple exercises that stimulate you to think quickly. In Brain Age the goal was to achieve as “young” a brain as possible, and the emphasis was very much on numbers and calculation. Big Brain Academy has a wider array of exercises, more engaging graphics, and much better multiplayer options. You aren’t limited to a set amount of play each day, as you are in Brain Age, and I find it to be a lot more fun. I can see myself coming back to Big Brain Academy again and again over the next few months in my attempt to get a “heavier” brain.
Magnetica is an arcade puzzle game that will be quite familiar to Zuma fans. Gone is the ancient temple theme; this time around the vibe is futuristic and the music is techno. Quests and puzzles round out the gameplay, and there’s a multiplayer option as well. The controls are a little more difficult than the Palm OS version I’m used to, because instead of merely pointing where you want the next marble to go, you have to flick it across the screen. It’s still fun, but not as precise.
Generally speaking I’m enjoying my Nintendo DS Lite a lot more than the Sony PSP, but I have been playing it more since the release of Gradius Collection for PSP. It’s fun, and thankfully you can adjust the difficulty level if you find this old-school scrolling shooter to be just a bit too hard. What’s funny is that this year, unlike most, I’ve got plenty of games to play while I’m holed up indoors trying to escape the already blistering summer heat. Usually all the good games come out around Christmas, and I’m glad to see that things are spaced out better this time around.

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