Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag

by PocketGoddess on June 6, 2006

The Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof bag is made of a very tough Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and is designed to protect your PDA from water, sand and other environmental hazards. It measures eight inches long and five inches wide, so it will hold a variety of devices, from Palm OS handhelds to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. The bag is flat, without a gusset in the bottom, though of course it will expand to fit anything that you put in it.

To open the bag, press the outer edge of each of the keyhole-shaped plastic levers down and around until they snap into place against the slightly raised bar in the middle. You can then pull the bag apart enough to insert the device you wish to protect. The installation process can be a bit tricky. because my Dell Axim X51v tended to “stick” to the material. There is no residue of course, I’m talking about that “stuck to a vinyl car seat on a summer day” kind of feeling–it may require some patience to get your device fully into the bag and down far enough to close the waterproof latch.

Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag, closure detail

Using my device in the bag was no problem at all. The front of the bag is perfectly clear, so I can see the display just fine. I didn’t have any problems manipulating any of the buttons on the front or side of the device, though operating the slider power switch on the Palm LifeDrive was virtually impossible. I can tap with the stylus as normal, using just a bit of extra pressure because the tip of the stylus also seemed to “stick” just a bit to the bag. The large Gomadic logo on the front of the bag could be a slight problem/annoyance, depending on where you position your device inside the bag. Sounds came through loud and clear, with no degradation of sound quality. A convenient integrated strap lets me dangle the bag from my neck or shoulder, or allows me to loop it around a backpack or other object for safety. The strap is not removable or adjustable, though it’s easy enough to tie a knot in it to shorten it just a bit; if you put your PDA in upside down, all you have to do is tilt it up to see the display when you’re wearing the bag around your neck

Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag, empty Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag with Dell Axim X51v

You don’t have to worry (too much) if your PDA falls off the boat or gets tossed in the pool, assuming it’s in the Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag. I submitted it to the ultimate test with my LifeDrive and found that the bag does indeed float as Gomadic claims; the bright orange waterproof seal at the top of the bag is highly visible. I wouldn’t suggest putting anything more than a PDA into it though, or it could be too heavy to float. The bag is certainly waterproof though, as my LfieDrive passed the dunk test with nary a single drop of water anywhere on the device when I opened up the bag. You do have to be careful when removing your device from the bag, because it is possible for water that is around the closure to get onto your device when you open it.

There are other waterproof options out there, such as the Otterbox 1900, which starts at $99.95 plus optional accessories. The Gomadic Clean-n-Dry does a great job of protecting your device for a lot less money, since it’s available for only $19.95. If you need sand and water protection, but not crush protection, the Gomadic Clean-n-Dry Waterproof Bag is an excellent choice. You can get one from the Gomadic online store.

4.5 out of 5

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