BoxWave FlexiSkin with Earphone Organizer

by PocketGoddess on June 1, 2006

BoxWave FlexiSkin with Earphone Organizer, side

I’ve seen just about every Apple iPod case out there, and reviewed many of them for this site, so it’s hard for me to get excited about a new one unless it truly is something special. That’s definitely the case for this review: I’m very excited about BoxWave’s new FlexiSkin with Earphone Organizer. At first glance, it looks like many other silicone “skin” cases–it completely encases the device, leaving only the screen and the charge/sync and headphone ports uncovered. Turn it over though and you’ll see that it has some extra material on the back, along with some odd slits and holes that may confuse you at first.

BoxWave FlexiSkin with Earphone Organizer, back

The pictures should give you a better idea of how this case really works, since it can be a little tricky to describe it fully. Start by pressing the plug end of your ear buds in place on the bottom left, then wrap the cord around the organizer section just below, and behind the Nano. Once you get close to the end of the cord, you can pop each one of the ear buds into its own spot, using the strategically placed slits to lock the cord in place. I was skeptical when I first saw the case if it would really work to store my ear buds, but I”m now a firm believer in the design.

Each part of the headphones is held securely, but I can still take things out as necessary, and without struggling. Each of the ear pieces fits perfectly and will not come out even if you shake the case, but press down on the stem or pull it out, and it comes out easily. The cord section is deep enough to hold the entire cord without any difficulty, but it isn’t any thicker than necessary. You can also use the case to take up the slack if you happen to have an extra long cord on your headphones, by plugging the jack into your music player and then wrapping the cord around the case a few times before putting the buds into your ears.

Amazingly, the earphone organizer adds only a quarter inch of thickness to what is in every other way a great case for your iPod Nano. The clickwheel is covered, something that I always look for, and it comes in a variety of cool colors so you can pick one to match your sense of style. This review covered the Mint Green color, which is very subtle. You can also get the BoxWave FlexiSkin with Earphone Organizer in your choice of Cosmo Pink, Frosted Clear, Jet Black, Sherbet Orange, Smoke Grey, or Super Blue for $19.95. Head on over to the BoxWave online store to place your order now.

A Perfect 10!

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