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Slickys Package Contents

Before you groan and say this is just another “skin” review, I must report that Slickys are very different indeed. They’re made of vinyl and come in a wide variety of designs, but they’re not those thin skins you may be used to. I was quite surprised when I opened up the package and found that the Slicky was actually rather thick and feels slightly soft to the touch if you press down on it. While it isn’t a traditional “case” in the sense that it fully encloses the device you stick it to, it will certainly offer some protection to the surfaces that it covers, keeping the front (and back, depending on what you choose) safe from harm.

The good folks over at Slickys have a mind blowing selection of designs to choose from; I choose a metallic green that turned out to be simply gorgeous. The pictures can’t possibly do it justice, because the color and sheen change depending on the angle I’m viewing it from. If I look at it just right, the color seems to be just a bit glittery and sparkly–but not in an awful pre-teen girl style at all.If you want something a bit more involved, you can get everything from wood grain patterns to flowers of all kinds to funky logos and cool photos of everything from jellybeans to piano keys, soccer balls, footballs, or a tropical sunset. There are even some versions with racing stripes and a couple of different versions of tie-dye.

Slickys Metallic Green on 40GB 4G iPod

When you first get a Slicky and open the package, you’ll see that there are several items included with your purchase. Along with the particular Slicky you have chosen, you will also get an instruction sheet, an alcohol wipe, a “Stop Cell Phone Nudity” promotional sticker, and extra clear protectors, depending on the device you ordered the Slicky for. The one for my 40GB 4G iPod came with a screen protector and a click wheel protector that were designed to be put on before the Slicky, offering some extra protection to my iPod’s most delicate surfaces.

Installation can be rather tricky, and in some ways is more difficult than your typical screen protector. The Slicky is fairly stiff, so it’s easy to control, but it’s very sticky–once you get it on you’ll have a very hard time getting it off. The Slickys web site mentions that their overlay is indeed removable, but only time will tell if that means you’d have to buy a new one, instead of being able to put it back on later, or whether or not any adhesive residue is left behind.

I didn’t line up the screen opening quite right during my first attempt, so I had to pry up the tiny bit that had already stuck to the face of my iPod.I was worried about the material actually stretching out and ruining the fit, but I was able to get it up OK so that I could reposition it and try again.

After a couple of tries I was pleased with the results. The Slicky covers most of the face of my iPod, with some of the front and sides uncovered due to the rather rounded design of the device. The screen and click wheel openings are sized correctly, and if you’re patient with the installation process you’ll be able to get it just right. Of course the easy part is lining up the “dot” that covers the middle of the click wheel. I was concerned at first that my iPod wouldn’t dock with the Slicky installed, due to the extra thickness, but I found that I just hadn’t pushed the bottom edge of the Slicky down well enough to prevent the edge of the dock from pushing it up when I tried to plug in my iPod.

 Slickys, detail

Unfortunately the fun and personalization of Slickys come with a cost: I’ve found that my iPod will no longer fit into several of my carrying cases. I tried it with a couple of different leather cases as well as my clear plastic Flipstand case from Speck Products, and none of them worked. That means that you’ll have to choose between ultimate protection from a full carrying case or the minimal protection (and the cool factor!) of the Slickys. While you can get some that cover both the front and back of your iPod that still leaves the sides, top, and bottom uncovered. If you take your iPod everywhere, Slickys may not be the perfect solution for you, but if you tend to leave your iPod either at home or the office and use it more as a stereo or infinite CD “jukebox” then Slickys can add a great deal of fun and style to your device.

You can also get Slickys for a wide variety of cell phones, and they’re even better suited for that purpose since most people don’t seem to enclose their phones in cases. They’re designed to be used (and abused) on a daily basis, so they’re generally more durable and just need that extra bit of personalization that Slickys can provide. Even better, since cell phones are so ubiquitous these days, with a Slicky you’ll never worry about picking up the wrong phone again, whether it’s in your home where your husband puts his (identical) phone next to yours on the dresser, or when you’re eating out and several people put phones on the table.

Prices range from $8.95 for a cell Slicky or a front-only iPod Slicky to $14.95 for a front and back iPod Slicky. You can check out all of the available styles and colors at the Slickys web site–the only hard part will be deciding which one you want to order!

4 out of 5

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