Nintendo Fan, and Proud of It!

by PocketGoddess on May 1, 2006

We’ve heard quite a lot about Nintendo’s next generation console, newly dubbed the Wii (what were they thinking?) I’m very excited about the possibilities that the motion sensor controller will open up– “next gen” for me doesn’t equal “prettier graphics” and nothing else. I want a real revolution in how I interact with the in-game world. And of course the ability to download and play classic NES and N64 games, plus backwards compatibility with GameCube games, means that I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for a long time to come.
If you haven’t heard much about the Wii, or would like to read a good roundup article covering what we know so far, head on over to and read their latest report here. This month’s cover story on Game Informer magazine also has some great information about one of the launch games, Red Steel. It’s an action game that includes both guns and swordplay in your quest to take down a modern-day Yakuza boss, and the story also offers some insight into just how revolutionary that new controller will be.
I’m glad that the Wii won’t becoming out until much later this year, because I’m completely hooked on the Nintendo DS Lite that I imported from Japan. The hardware is so much better than the original DS–smaller, lighter, and much more comfortable to hold during long gaming sessions. Right now I’m spending way too much time with Animal Crossing and Super Princess Peach, with smaller doses of Brain Training, Mario Kart, Metroid Pinball, and Nintendogs. Of course after May 15, it’s going to be all New Super Mario Brothers, all the time. (You can get wallpaper and watch sneak preview movies of the game here.)
Don’t get me wrong–I love my PS2 (Kingdom Hearts!) and my PSP (Lumines) but I’m just not excited about them in the same way that I am about Nintendo’s hardware and software offerings. Perhaps it’s due to my gaming taste, since I prefer puzzlers and platformers to FPS fragfests and street racers. But I think the real key is that Nintendo is more interested in truly changing the way we play games than they are in churning out more of the same old stuff with a few graphical enhancements–just look at the popularity of Katamari Damacy, and maybe you’ll agree that the gaming public really is looking for something new and different. The Nintendo DS, with its dual screen display, interactive touchscreen, and microphone certainly changed the way I play handheld games. And I can’t wait to see everything the Wii has in store when it is finally released later this year.

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