Ilium Software Week: KeepTrack

by PocketGoddess on April 25, 2006

KeepTrack is an application for Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones. At its core, it is nothing more than a quick-entry system that is designed to make it so easy to enter purchases and ATM transactions on the spot that you’ll never find yourself wondering where all your money went at the end of the month. Then again, you may still wonder how you spent as much as you did, but at least you’ll know where you spent it and what you bought!
The main screen is quite simple, offering the chance to fill in the account you want to use, the type of transaction, the category, and any notes you want to make about the purchase. A small number keypad allows you to tap in the amount quickly. You can even set up twelve one touch entry buttons that allow you to quickly record your most commonly used transactions, such as that $5 coffee drink from Starbucks that you get three times a week, or a $100 ATM withdrawal. The third major display screen is an account register that lists all of your transactions.
I’m very impressed with the level of customization and functionality that KeepTrack offers. I can change every aspect of the one touch buttons, from account/amount/category and even change the font on the label of the button. I can import and export Quicken data using QIF files, and the process is simple and painless. The desktop application works exactly as expected and looks very similar to the handheld application, right down to the same menu options and icons, so once you’ve learned how to use KeepTrack it doesn’t matter which platform you’re using.
If you’ve already read ahead to the end of the review, you may be wondering why I haven’t given KeepTrack a higher score. That’s mainly due to the price; when you look at KeepTrack by itself, it does a lot and does it quickly and easily. But when you compare it to other applications that synchronize directly with Quicken and offer advanced features like charts and budgeting for the same price (Spb Finance), KeepTrack doesn’t do quite so well. I really like the program, but it’s a much better value at $14.95 as a standalone option for those who don’t use Quicken or Microsoft Money on the desktop than it is for $24.95 for the Professional edition, which includes the handheld and desktop components. It just might work for you though, so get a free trial along with more information at the Ilium Software web site.
3.5 out of 5

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