Ilium Software Week: DockWare Pro

by PocketGoddess on April 24, 2006

DockWare Pro is a small utility that displays an ever-changing slideshow of photos along with the date and time when your Palm OS handheld, or Pocket PC is docked and idle for a set amount of time (the default is 5 minutes). The application offers an impressive set of options that are accessible by tapping/holding on the screen to pop up the menu. You can change the color and background for the date and time, choose a digital or analog clock, and display either the entire month or just the date.
You can also choose the length of time each picture displays, whether or not you want to use transitions between photos, and whether or not you want to scale them to stretch across the entire screen. The Pro version also allows you to specify which folder you want to pull pictures from, or optionally use a memory expansion card. This is particularly handy if you want to change photos often and have a card reader on your desktop computer, as transferring pictures is drag and drop simple.
DockWare and DockWare Pro are essentially the same application, in that each one shows a photo slideshow along with the time and date when your handheld is docked in its cradle. The difference is in the level of features provided, as many of the customization features of the Pro version are missing from the free version. A handy comparison chart on the Ilium web site can help you decide which one is right for you. There are also plenty of screenshots available to let you take a closer look at all the options; since DockWare Pro is a “screen saver” type of application, none of my screen capture utilities would work for the purposes of this review.
DockWare Pro is $9.95 while DockWare is free. Either one will turn your handheld device into a handy desktop clock/calendar and photo slideshow display. Those looking for extra alarms and timers would do well to check out another application, such as Bob’s Alarm for Palm OS or Spb Time for Windows Mobile. But if it’s pictures you want, then DockWare does very nicely indeed. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and the price is right. You can get a free trial for Palm OS, and Windows Mobile or purchase the Smartphone edition (no demo available) at the Ilium Software web site.
4 out of 5

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