Daily News for April 12, 2006

by PocketGoddess on April 12, 2006

This is a big update since I’m catching up; expect most of the updates in the future to have just two or three news items instead of eight or nine.

  • Brando Workshop has added an incredible amount of new stuff, including cases/screen protectors for several handhelds, cool new USB gadgets, portable Sudoku games, and much more. Check it out at the Brando web site.
  • Phone Magic 1.55 has been released for owners of the Treo 650, Palm Tungsten series, Zire 22/31/72, and LifeDrive. It adds direct support for the built-in Contacts application on those devices, and is a free upgrade. Get it here.
  • FlexMail 2006 has been released by WebIS, and is a free upgrade for all current users. It includes WM 5.0 support, a spell checker, and many other improvements. Get more info or a trial download here. If you’re a FlexWallet user, you should also visit the site, as the latest version was just released last week. I’ve been trying FlexMail out for a couple of weeks now and really like what I see–full review coming soon!
  • Astraware Sudoku has been updated to version 1.30, and features a new menu system. There’s also a special version for older Palm OS 4 devices too; get more info here.
  • Waterfield Designs has released a new case for Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi Speaker, and if it is anything at all like the rest of their products it’s both stylish and ultra-protective and made of the highest quality materials. The case sells for $149 and will start shipping next week.Check it out here.
  • GMPSoft has released a new voice-activated version of their very popular Bible With You software. Palm OS Treo 600/650 or LifeDrive required; get more information here.
  • DDH Software has released version 3.5 of HanDBase for both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. There are plenty of new features such as navigational improvements, category support, “snap to grid” for forms, a new Mac desktop application, and much more. The update is free for registered users, get it the DDH web site.
  • Are you really into podcasting? Would you like to start your own, but you’re not quite sure how? If you have a Windows Mobile device, AudioBay allows you to record your podcast and post it to the web wirelessly; find out more here.

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