Covertec Cases for the Palm LifeDrive and Sony T1 Digital Camera

by PocketGoddess on December 7, 2005

Covertec Case for the Palm LifeDrive

This is an elegant handheld case made from exceptional materials–I can tell that at first glance. One of my favorite features is the one you come to first–the clasp. Instead of a tab/loop closure, a regular snap, or a magnetic snap, this case has a magnetic loop closure. Simply pull on the tab to open it quickly and easily; when you want to close the case just let the tab come close to the magnetic stud on the case and it will magically align itself over the stud. This is the most convenient closure system I’ve ever come across on a handheld case, and I absolutely love it.

Covertec LifeDrive case, front view Covertec LifeDrive case, detail view

The rest of the case is also quite nice, though I do have a concern about the level of protection it will provide in a gear bag. When you open the case you’ll find two SD card slots under the flap, as well as two card slots. The handheld rests in a “cradle” of leather at the bottom of the case, and even though not much of the device is covered, it is adequately held by the case. What I’m concerned about is the sides of the case–since the LifeDrive has curved edges, the Covertec designers decided to end the case at the widest part of the back of the device. This makes the case very comfortable to hold in the hand, since there isn’t any extra bulk, but does leave enough of the sides uncovered that they could easily be damaged by pens, keys, loose change, etc. The closer tab is also a bit longer than it should be, most likely to accommodate the change in case thickness if you add business/credit cards and SD cards to the storage area under the flap. That means that small objects could potentially get into the case from the sides, damaging the screen of the LifeDrive.

Covertec LifeDrive case, side view

I truly love the design of this case, and I understand why it was done this way–this case is very functional and elegant, and would be perfect for a professional or executive who doesn’t need a great deal of protection for their handheld. Don’t get me wrong, it’s durable, but I certainly wouldn’t toss it into a gear bag with a bunch of other stuff. The price is right, at $39.95, and you can get black or brown if you don’t like red. Each case is nicely gift boxed and comes with the WIPS removable belt clip system (described in more detail below). You can get it now at the Covertec online store.

4 out of 5

Covertec Case for the Sony T1 Digital Camera

Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of the camera in the case for this review, as I only have one camera. I can say though that I really like this case, and it’s one of the nicest I’ve seen for this camera. Made of the same lovely red leather as the PDA case, it features the same gold stitching and unique closure. The sides of the case have a matching leather inset with just a bit of black elastic on each side, ensuring a perfect fit; I suspect that almost any digital camera would fit in this case, assuming it was the same basic shape and size of the Sony T1. Those elastic sides expand just a bit and hold the camera firmly in the case, while the leather insets add style and prevent the case from looking cheap.

Covertec Sony T1 case, detail of belt clip Covertec T1 case, side view

As with the LifeDrive case, the interior is tan, and there are a two storage slots under the flap that are sized to hold Memory Sticks. MS Duos will also fit just fine; thankfully there’s a cutout at the bottom of the card slot, or they would be very difficult to get out of the case. A removable belt clip is also included, and this one is quite different from the standard accessory clip. It is fixed, and just a bit deeper than most “pinch-style” clips so that it will work well on thick belts or waistbands. It also rotates quite freely, for comfort, but won’t come off until you push in the tabs on both sides to remove it from the attachment on the case.

Overall, this is my favorite case so far for the Sony T1. It’s much more elegant than Sony’s offerings, and very stylish–especially for those who would like to match their handheld case to their camera case. The quick open clasp means you’ll never miss a picture again, and the price is very reasonable at $29.95. You can also get the case in brown or black, if red doesn’t appeal. Cases are also available for a wide variety of digital cameras from Canon, Casio, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Pentax. Buy online from the Covertec store, and until December 15th shipping is free on all orders over $70.

5 out of 5

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