Brando Gaming Accessory Roundup

by PocketGoddess on December 16, 2005

PSP Dust Cover Set

Brando PSP Dust Cover Set

This is one of the cleverest accessories I’ve ever seen, the least expensive, and one of the most useful. The Sony PSP has several open ports, including the USB port on the top, the charging port, and the headphone jack. If you don’t have anything plugged into those ports, they’re open to dust and moisture, and that’s not a good thing. This set includes one USB port cover, two charging port covers, and two headphone jack covers that you just push into each opening. They’re soft rubber, so they expand just enough to stay in and not fall out. When you need to plug in some headphones, or charge your PSP, just take the cover off and proceed normally. Since they’re small, they’re pretty easy to lose–it’s nice that you get two each of the smallest ones.

The only downside is that the USB cover may not work with your PSP carrying case (or other accessories) because it covers the two screw holes on the top of the PSP. That means that none of the Capdase S Bracket cases will work, as well as several of the screw-on plastic face covers from Pelican and other vendors, unless you leave that USB port cover off and just use the other two. The PSP Dust Cover set is $7 and is available at the Brando online store. You can also get the Dust Cover Set with a replacement analog nub for just $10.

4.5 out of 5

Multi UMD Storage Box

Brando Multi UMD Storage Case

UMD games and movies aren’t as easy to lose as memory expansion cards, but they still need to be contained and protected from scratches and dust. The Multi UMD storage box is made of blue or gray plastic and holds four UMDs and three Memory Stick Duo cards. Overall the case measures six inches tall, three and 3/4 inches wide, and 5/8″ thick. The latch is sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about the case coming open accidentally, but it also is easy to operate. The UMDs fit into special slots, two on each side; all you have to do is press the disk down until it is firmly seated. Getting the disk out is a matter of pressing a small tab at the top of each slot to loosen the UMD, or pulling it out through the open side.

Memory Stick Duos fit into the spine of the case–a very clever use of otherwise wasted space. Each one is held by two small tabs, and quite firmly. I was a little nervous at first, since the fit was so tight and I was worried about damaging the media, but the fit has become a bit looser with a couple of weeks of use. The Multi UMD Storage Box does a good job of containing games and movies while you’re on the go, but it isn’t the most luxurious option. Still, at only $7, you can’t go too far wrong. You can get it at the Brando online store.

4 out of 5

GBA Micro Airform Case

Brando GBA Micro Airform Case

This one is a real star! One of the first cases available for the new GBA Micro, the Airform case does a great job of protecting the portable console, and does it with style. The case is made of E.VA and is very sturdy; pressing hard on the outside doesn’t move or indent the shell at all. A small metal plate in the middle says “for micro” and a single zipper with a Project Design PVC pull secures the case. A small ring sewn into the spine of the case allows you to clip it onto your bag or belt.

The interior of the case is lined in soft black material so your GBA Micro won’t get scratched. There are two narrow elastic straps in the bottom that are supposed to hold your GBA Micro in the case, but I tend to use this item more as a carrying case than as a play-through case so I don’t use them. Up top is a mesh pocket that is just perfect for ear bud headphones, or a couple of GBA cartridges. I worry about screen damage from game cartridges, so if I do put a couple in that pocket I insert the GBA Micro into the case upside down, so the back of the unit faces the pocket.

I highly recommend this case to any GBA Micro owner, and not just because of the price, which is an almost unbelievable $7 at the Brando online store. Even better, you can have your choice of red, white, or black. Definitely one of the best bargains I’ve seen in a long while.

5 out of 5

GBA Micro Screen Protector

There’s not a great deal to say about this product, except that once again Brando has produced the best screen protector I’ve ever used. For the GBA Micro, you have a choice: the regular version, or the Ultra Clear version. For this purpose, I think the less expensive regular protector is actually the best–the GBA Micro screen does have some real issues with glare. The Ultra Clear protector is 99% clear, and doesn’t really do anything to help with screen glare at all, leaving you to tilt the device constantly to get the best angle.

Either way you go, the GBA Micro screen will still be protected from dust and scratches, and that’s the most important thing. The regular screen protector is $10, and the Ultra Clear version is $13. You can get the one you prefer at the Brando online store.

5 out of 5

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