Pelican GBA Micro Value Pak

by PocketGoddess on November 17, 2005

The Pelican GPA Micro Value Pak includes six different products and is sold only as a kit.the most valuable item enclosed is the neoprene clip case. It is surprisingly well-made, consisting of a neoprene exterior rubberized grippy sides. The case is held closed with a small piece of Velcro, and on the back you’ll find two belt loops and a belt clip. Underneath the closure flap you’ll find the main compartment that holds your GBA Micro, as well as an accessory pocket for games. The back of the package says that it will hold two GBA games, but I don’t think there’s any way that you could get the case closed if you tried; it does however work perfectly well for one game cartridge.

Pelican GBA Micro Value Pak

Next we have two game cases, and These are handy because they hold two cartridges each. I’m not sure if the case colors are standard throughout all of the kits; mine happened to have cobalt and silver cases, the colors of the original Game Boy Advance SP. While the “rocker” clasp may give you fits until you finally figure out how to open it reliably, the case itself is quite nice. They’re very low profile, so they won’t take up too much space in your gear bag; they’re also designated “high impact” and are made of very strong plastic. The interior of each case is made of black rubber, and game cartridges fit perfectly inside. Though they fit well enough that you can turn the case over and they won’t fall out, they don’t fit so tightly that you have to struggle or strain to insert or remove the cartridges.

The ear bud headphones are fairly standard and don’t require much explanation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cord is nicer than what I’m used to, and is much more flexible. While they sound just like typical ear buds, they do seem to be a bit easier to store or wrap around things, because the cord is so soft and bendable. The micro fiber cleaning pad is actually attached to a wrist lanyard, so you can connect it to your GBA Micro. It’s a nice addition, because you don’t have to worry about dropping your GBA Micro, and when you put it in the case you can also use it as a carry strap. The cleaning pad has the Pelican logo and is soft on the other side; it does a good job of keeping your screen clean and free of dust. Finally, the included screen protector, while not of the same quality is the Brando screen protectors I know and love, will certainly do the job for a few months.

I normally avoid “starter kits” like the plague, because I generally prefer to choose my own accessories. In this case, however, I found that the Pelican GBA Micro Value Pak has everything I need in one package without tacking on a lot of extras that I don’t find valuable, such as car power adapters. (Since I’m the gamer and the driver, they just aren’t necessary, or safe!) I haven’t yet seen this particular package in stores yet, but you can order it from Gamestop’s online store for $19.99. That isn’t a bad deal considering that you get a nice carrying case, two game cases (each holds two games), headphones, screen protector, and cleaning pad.

4.5 out of 5

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