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by PocketGoddess on November 16, 2005

Waterfield Cozmo, with pink leather accents

My female readers already know that pink and black is just a killer combination when you’re talking about fashion, so it’s about time that an accessory maker take that to heart and create the ultimate tote for today’s woman on the go. After trying out the Cozmo, no matter which color combination you choose, you may not be able to go back to your old gear bag or briefcase ever again.

From the outside, you can tell immediately that this is a well-made bag. It measures 14″ wide, 10″ tall, and 4″ deep, so while roomy it isn’t huge. The exterior is mostly black ballistic nylon that is very tightly woven to be both water and dirt-resistant–it looks very similar to the material on their other bags, which means that dirt will just wipe right off. The top and the corners are where you’ll find the pink leather accents, and they give the bag extra style and durability. There are two grab handles at the top of the bag, reinforced with leather so they’re comfortable to hold and very durable. Just under the attachment point for the grab handles is a pocket, one on each side of the bag. The pocket is deep enough to put a magazine, a PDA case, or anything else you need for quick access. You’ll find one on both the front and the back of the bag, though only the front one also has a secret zipper pocket that is perfect for stashing your iPod and headphones, keys, lipstick, or a comb. That inner stash pocket measures about seven and a half inches wide and four and a half inches deep, while the outer pocket is 10.5 inches wide and just under nine inches deep. The bottom of the bag has a hidden Lexan panel for strength– you can rap your knuckles on the bottom and see that you don’t have to worry about a laptop or anything else you’re carrying in the bag getting damaged if you happen to drop it or it falls off of a table.

Waterfield Cozmo, detail

This detail image gives you a better idea of the color of the pink leather accents, and also lets you see the quality of the stitching and material. The grab handles work very well for general carrying purposes, but sometimes it’s good to have your hands free. The Cozmo comes with a detachable shoulder strap; the attachment points are sturdy metal d-rings sewn just inside the exterior pocket on each side of the bag. They’re offset, so that the one on the back is close to one end of the grab handle and the one on the front is next to the other end of a grab handle. This helps to balance the load and also makes it much easier to get into the bag when it’s on your shoulder. The clips on the strap are metal too, and are easy to open since they’re the kind that you push to open the gate, instead of having to pull on a tiny little nub. The strap itself is also quite worthy of mention; it’s a full 1.5 inches wide and very smooth, stitching and all. In the middle you’ll find a huge squashy comfort pad that is just dreamy– it’s so soft and comfortable on the shoulder that you’ll want to fill your bag to the limit, because it won’t hurt to carry a lot of stuff! The underside is textured too, and that combined with the overall length of the pad (nine inches) means that it really will stay on your shoulder. The texture means that it isn’t slippery at all, and the length and flexibility of the pad allow it to curve and conform to your shoulder for a truly pleasant carrying experience. The strap also is adjustable on both sides, so you can customize the length to suit your personal preference.

Waterfield Cozmo strap, detail

Of course we’re just half done here, because we haven’t even talked about the interior of the bag yet. The Cozmo opens with a double zipper, and as soon as you peek inside you’ll see the signature gold lining present in all Waterfield bags. The zipper comes just slightly down from the top of the bag on each edge, so it opens wide for easy viewing. The zipper ends are nicely contained on each side–this is definitely quality construction! There are two main areas inside the bag–an organizer panel on the front and a large pocket on the back for your laptop computer. The organizer panel is one of the best I’ve seen– instead of several small pockets that don’t really hold anything, there are just a few. Two large pockets measure 6.5 inches wide and about six inches deep; these are perfect for your handheld, digital camera, etc. There’s no padding on these pockets, but since they hold things separate from each other you can either use a case with your portable electronics or just slip them into the pockets “naked”–whichever you prefer. Just above those large organizer pockets, you will find two small pockets; one is designed to hold credit or business cards, while the other is designed to hold two or three pens.

Waterfield Cozmo, interior

On the other side of the bag you will find a large compartment is designed to hold a laptop computer. This pocket is not heavily padded because it is is expected that you will use this bag with one of the Waterfield sleeve cases. You certainly can use another laptop sleeve in this pocket or no case at all if you prefer, but it is designed to work best with the sleeve case. If you choose to use Waterfield sleeve case, you will probably want to purchase one with horizontal orientation; that will allow you to easily see and grasp the laptop at any time. Of course it will also work with a vertical sleeve case; you’ll just have to remove the sleeve from the compartment in order to pull out your computer.

The laptop compartment is held closed with a single wide strap secured with Velcro. As you can see from the photo, since I have a very small laptop (a Fujitsu LifeBook P7010 with a ten inch screen) there’s actually room for my AC adapter and power cord in the laptop compartment. The photo makes it look somewhat overcrowded, but that really isn’t the case–even with my laptop and AC adapter in the pocket, I was still able to put several file folders into the middle of the bag, and it still wasn’t too awkward or heavy. If you have a bigger computer, it’s a simple matter to put accessories into the middle area of the bag.

If you aren’t carrying a laptop that day, you can certainly use the compartment to hold files, business papers, newspapers, magazines or anything else that you need to carry; putting them in this compartment will keep things easily organized and separate from the other contents of the bag. if you are carrying a laptop, you can easily put anything else which are carrying into the middle area of the bag. One of the things I like best about the Cozmo is the fact that it has some structure, but not too much; you won’t find it difficult to find a place for everything that you need to carry. Even better, if you purchase the Cozmo as part of a Mambo Combo, you will also get a matching sleeve case and gear pouch designed to hold small accessories.

Never fear, guys–the Cozmo is also available in black leather, as well as white, red, blue, gray, stone, or black ballistic nylon. You also have your choice of three sizes, with the small one reviewed here for $139, the medium that measures 15″ x 11″ x4.5″ for $144, and the large that measures 16″ x 12″ x 5″ for $149. Until now, I had been carrying the Waterfield VertiGo as my everyday bag. But now that I’ve been using the Cozmo for about a week, I don’t think I’ll be able to give it up. The overall look of the case is very businesslike and professional, but still a little bit fun if you choose an accent color or all professional if you choose black. The size of the bag is also just perfect — — big enough to hold plenty of stuff, but not so big that I feel overburdened at any time.The Cosmo is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a more traditional briefcase style
bag to a backpack.The quality, workmanship, and design are all exceptional, which is why I’m giving the Waterfield Cozmo, one of my coveted “Perfect 10″ awards. If you want to get one for yourself, head on over to the Waterfield web site–they’ll take very good care of you!

A Perfect 10!

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