Capdase Soft Jacket Trio Pack for iPod Nano

by PocketGoddess on November 14, 2005

Capdase Soft Jacket Trio Pack for iPod Nano

The Soft Jacket Trio Pack for iPod Nano does, as you would expect, contain three different soft silicone cases sized to fit the iPod Nano. Each one of the cases is “named” and has a slightly different set of features.

All of them are made of the same silicone material, which is slightly thicker than what I’ve seen from other manufacturers. It keeps shape quite nicely, and the “dust go” surface treatment gives each case a good texture.

Rock Style

This case has an open bottom to allow easy access to the sync/charge port and the headphone jack on the bottom of the iPod Nano. A very thin membrane covers the click wheel, providing protection from spills and cosmetic damage. The screen is left open, or you can use the unbreakable screen cover that originally comes with the Dance Style case to cover the screen. The hold switch on the top of the Nano is covered by the case, though you can slip the corner of the case off in order to access the switch.

On the back of the case you’ll find a steel clip that can be used to clip your case to the waistband of your skirt or trousers. The clip doesn’t have much play in it, so I wouldn’t try to attach it to anything particularly thick. You can remove the clip by sliding it out of the case; it is also possible to change the orientation 90 degrees so that the case can hang either straight or sideways.

Pop Style

The Pop Style case is similar to the first one, with a large bottom opening, an open screen area, and an uncovered click wheel. This case doesn’t offer as much protection to some of the more sensitive areas of the iPod Nano, but it does have one of the most useful clip designs I’ve seen. Made of white plastic, the clip has about half an inch of clearance, meaning that you can attach the case to the thickest of belts or bag straps without any problems. The end of the clip curve under to give a good grip, but the plastic is flexible enough that it is easy to manipulate.

Dance Style

This one is my personal favorite of the bunch, for a couple of reasons. Unlike the others, it doesn’t have any sort of clip attachment, providing the smallest “footprint” possible. The click wheel is covered by a think silicone membrane for easy control and protection. This case also comes with an unbreakable screen protector made of very tough plastic that “floats” over the screen and is also removable, so I can determine the level of protection that I want.

The Nano can be inserted through the bottom of the case; unlike the others it has a “flip open” bottom that provides full coverage during normal use (only a headphone jack opening is provided) yet easily opens to sync/charge the Nano when necessary. Even better, there’s a small lanyard attachment on the bottom of the case which means that this is the first silicone jacket case I’ve seen that works “right”– when you’re wearing the Nano around your neck, all you have to do to change songs and such is look down and/or slightly tilt the case up with one hand. No awkward twisting or turning here!


This is a nice set of cases for a variety of purposes, or an easy way to get stocking stuffers for several iPod Nano owners on your Christmas shopping list all at once. Unfortunately I was unable to get any pricing or availability information at this time; the item is so new that it isn’t even listed on the Capdase web site yet. I’ll update this article as soon as I can get some more news, but since I can’t really rate the cases on cost/value I will say that they are extremely well made and fit the Nano perfectly.

4 out of 5

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