Sena Case for the Tapwave Zodiac

by PocketGoddess on October 9, 2005

Sena's Tapwave Zodiac case, in blue

I’ve come to expect high quality from Sena, but their latest case for the Tapwave Zodiac exceeded my high expectations. I received a case in a lovely dark blue leather, with a small Sena logo embossed on the bottom center of the flap. The first thing I noticed was how well the curvy outline of the case evokes the Zodiac’s sexy shape; then I noticed that this case doesn’t have any snaps, zippers, or straps. I don’t have to fumble with anything at all; just slip my finger under the flap and pull it up. The flap is secured by two small, round magnets hidden under the leather of the cae, one on each side. They do a great job of holding the case closed, but they also make it a delight to open. Some could argue that means less protection for the screen of the device when you toss it in a gear bag, and that is true. But as long as you don’t leave your car keys loose in the same compartment, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

There are just a few other things to note on the exterior of the case– the leather is perfectly smooth, with a hardly noticeable grain; it’s also quite soft to to the touch. There’s a small metal grommet on the top right edge of the spine of the case, which you can use to attach the matching leather wrist strap included with the case. On the bottom/back, you’ll find a cutout that matches the charge/sync port on the Zodiac exactly. That means that you can charge and sync your Zodiac without removing it from the case, which is a nice plus. Finally, all of the stitching matches the color of the case, which is one of my favorite little touches. I’ve gotten pretty tired of white “contrast” stitching that doesn’t match the case. Sena always pays attention to those small details, and I appreciate that.

Sena's Tapwave Zodiac case, open

Underneath the flap you’ll find two business/credit card slots and two SD card slots. Those card slots deserve special attention, since they’re done right– there’s a small cutout at the bottom of each slot that you can use with your fingernail to push the card out easily, instead of cursing and straining when that little memory card get stuck in a too-small slot. Underneath those handy pockets you’ll find one large pocket that would be perfect for a couple of folded bills if you want to stash some cash, a few receipts, etc.

In the spine of the case you’ll find a special slot for the stylus, which is necessary since you really can’t access the back of the Zodiac while it’s in the case. The handheld is secured in the case by a leather yoke of the same color, with matching blue stitching. There are cutouts in all the right places, to access the power/select/home buttons and analog joystick, as well as the speaker opening and four buttons on the right of the device. Just be careful that you don’t make the same mistake I did when putting the Zodiac into the yoke–it’s much easier to do if you turn the device slightly sideways first, sliding in one end and then the other.

This is THE case for the Tapwave Zodiac. If you have one of these beloved, discontinued devices, make it feel better with a Sena Case–you’ll be glad you did. Especially since they’re now on sale for 50% off, so you can get one without a belt clip for $21.99, or with a clip for $23.49. Available colors include red, blue, brown, and black, and you can get them at the Sena Cases online store.

5 out of 5

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