iGo Week: Everywhere Power 3500

by PocketGoddess on October 7, 2005

Everywhere Power is very similar in concept to the Juice 70 I reviewed yesterday, except that it’s a lower-power version I think of as Squirt. It won’t power a laptop, but it will charge every single handheld device I can throw at it, thanks to the interchangeable iTips technology. Purchase this accessory and you’ll get the Everywhere Power itself, a small block that measures 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 0.75 inches thick (about the size of my ultra-compact digital camera). You’ll also receive a wall plug cord, a special auto/air cord, the Dual Power accessory, and a black nylon storage bag. You’ll need to purchase the iTips required for your individual devices separately, for about $10 each.

iGo Everywhere Power 3500, with travel bag and iTips

Getting started is quite simple; just plug the correct cord for your desired power source (wall, car, or plane) into the bottom of the Everywhere Power unit. Don’t worry about getting it wrong, because you can’t–each cord is designed to work only one way, so there’s no way to make a mistake. Next, plug the round end of the silver device input cord to the top of the unit, snap the correct iTip on the other end, and start charging your device. Don’t worry that this sounds complicated; it’s actually far easier to do than it is to write about. The only tricky part of the process is matching the tip to the device, especially if you’ve invested in several. I solved that little problem by labeling each tip with my little Brother P-Touch label machine (one of the handiest things I own, BTW–thanks to David Allen’s Getting Things Done). If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that the iTips have round blue or green labels on them with letters and numbers; that’s what they look like when you buy them. I put my label on the other side of each one, so now I don’t have to guess when tip is right for the device that I want to charge.

If you want to charge two things at once, such as your PDA and your phone, you can do that with the included Dual Power accessory (in the picture it’s the all silver block oriented horizontally, just above the iTips). The required cords are permanently attached; all you have to do is plug the round tip into the top of the Everywhere Power, and then attach the appropriate iTip to the cord on the other end. I was able to successfully charge any of my varied devices at the same tine, which was really handy on my last trip. I’m a “leave the clothes behind, pack all the electronics” kind of girl, so I was very eager to try out the Everywhere Power. I was able to use just this one charger to power my LifeDrive, my Kyocera 7135, my Sony PSP, my iPod, and my Sony T1 digital camera. Normally that would require 5 different chargers and a ton of bulk, but on this trip I was able to put everything (Everywhere Power, plus my iPod, headphones, and a couple of other accessories) into my Waterfield iPod gear pouch and travel lighter than ever before.

Now that I’ve tried the Everywhere Power, I can honestly say that I’ll never use anything else– unless iGo releases an updated version with more features, of course! Why have a ton of AC adapters littering up my desk and weighing down my luggage? Now just one unit will charge ALL of my portable electronics, and they all behave just as if I were using the OEM power solution–except for my LifeDrive. It charges perfectly, but the LED doesn’t turn green at the end of the cycle. Since the LifeDrive acts that way with ALL of the charging solutions I’ve tried except the bundled AC adapter, I blame the LifeDrive, not the Everywhere Power 3500. It’s a bit pricey at $59.99, especially considering that I needed 7 iTips at $10 each in order to outfit all of my power hungry toys. But I do like the fact that when I upgrade or get new devices, a simple iTip replacement is all I need to get back in business, meaning that the Everywhere Power will be able to keep up with me and my mobile electronics for a long time. You can find out more or get one for yourself at the iGo online store.

5 out of 5

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