Boxwave Week: OmniPen Pro

by PocketGoddess on October 25, 2005

The OmniPen Pro is a full-size stylus pen that packs a lot of features into a metal body of just over six inches in length. Starting at the bottom, you’ll see that the grip is contoured, and has a pattern of “polka dot” impressions in the metal to give the pen a more finished look. Select the stylus and pen tips by twisting the bottom of the pen; the action is easy, yet firm so that you know when the selected tip is fully extended. The stylus tip is rather unfortunately a plain white that doesn’t really stand out all that much against the color screen on a handheld. It would have been nice to see a florescent pink, orange, or yellow option for higher visibility.

Boxwave OmniPen Pro, top Boxwave OmniPen Pro, stylus detail

Moving on up the pen, you can see that the barrel has a smooth matte finish with a lot of shine. The whole pen is metal, which makes it feel quite good in the hand. At the other end of the pen you’ll see that there is a standard clip and a Boxwave logo just below the clip. What you might not have expected is two extra buttons on the other side of the clip, each with an icon in black. The “filled in blob” of an icon on top controls the built-in laser pointer, and the bottom one that looks like a light bulb controls the LED reading light. Both of these lights are located on the extreme tip of the pen; the laser pointer opening is in the center, while the LED reading light bumps out slightly from the top of the pen.

I’ve seen a few stylus combos with laser pointers, but I had never before seen one with an LED reading light. The light is a bluish-white and relatively bright. Though it can’t compare to my Freedom Micro key chain light, it does a good job of illuminating menus, helping me find a keyhole in the dark, serving as an emergency flashlight, etc. It was surprisingly handy because it was a part of something that I always have with me, and am seemingly always using–a stylus. While this product obviously is not going to replace a standard flashlight, it does serve a good purpose and I’m glad to have such a handy tool with me all the time.

Boxwave OmniPen Pro, boxed

This would make a very nice present for anyone on your gift list who uses a Palm OS device, Windows Mobile handheld, etc. The OmniPen Pro comes nicely prepared for gift giving, in a metal box. Three button batteries come pre-installed, and you also receive three extras that are tucked into the gray foam lining of the box. Regularly $24.95, the OmniPen Pro is now available for $19.95 at the Boxwave online store.

4.5 out of 5

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