TealPoint Brings Sudoku Number Puzzling to Palm OS Handhelds

by PocketGoddess on August 11, 2005

I’ll definitely be trying this one out myself!
What do the Spice Girls, Pokemon, and Sudoku have in common? Yes, they’re all imports from across the pond that leave you scratching your head. Sudoku, the worldwide puzzle phenomenon, has displaced crossword puzzles in many newspapers in Great Britain and Japan, and is now available on your handheld.
Sometimes known by the name ‘Number Place’, Sudoku (or ‘Su Doku’) gets its name from the Japanese word for ‘single number’. Sudoku is played on a nine by nine grid, subdivided into smaller three by three grids. The object is to fill in the empty boxes so that each row, column, and three by three grid contains each digit (from one to nine) exactly once. Though simple in concept, these puzzles have proven an addictive test of logic and perseverance.
Sudoku Addict comes complete with 3000 different puzzles, three challenging levels of difficulty, intuitive controls, a manual puzzle editor, a pencil annotation mode, and a puzzle-solver capable of completing any valid Sudoku. Sudoku Addict retails for $14.95. Availability is immediate on the TealPoint Software web site at www.tealpoint.com, and other Internet sites.
“I just can’t put this game down,” said Vince Lee, President of TealPoint Software. “The concept is easy to grasp, but solving Sudoku is definitely no cakewalk!”

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