Peachpit Week: Now You Know Tungsten E

by PocketGoddess on August 18, 2005

Now You Know Tungsten E
The Now You Know series of books from Peachpit is published in association with palmOne Press and provides a helpful overview with lots of hints and tips for the new user. The Tungsten E edition follows the same format as earlier books in the series, except that this one is in a slightly larger trim size than earlier volumes so the text is a bit larger and the layout is a bit less cluttered with more white space, so it’s easier to use.
You’ll find helpful text and an impressive number of screenshots and illustrations designed to get you up to speed quickly. Since the illustrations show you step by step what you should expect to see on the screen when you’re trying out a new bit of knowledge, the learning process is as painless as possible.
Fifteen chapters in four sections help you to find information quickly and easily, and cover everything a new to intermediate user might need to know.
Part 1: Get Started
Things You Can Do Right Now
Things You Really Need to Know
Make Your Handheld Uniquely Your Own
Part 2: Get Organized
Enter Info
Part 3: Get Connected
Team Your Computer with Your Handheld
Get in Sync
Part 4: Get Going
Note Pad
Part 5: Get Media
Photos and Music
Part 6: Get Cool Stuff
Overall I think this book does a very good job of covering all of the basics that a new handheld owner needs to learn, and even intermediate owners may learn a few things from the “Real Life” tips that appear on almost every page of the book in special sidebar sections. Since this is a palmOne Press book, it does leave a few things out, most notably in the Software and Accessories chapters in Part 6– the only cases listed are the ones that are sold in the palmOne store, and the only software mentioned is either what came on the installation CD or what you can find in the palmOne online store– no other applications or sources are mentioned, which is a shame. There is an ad in the back of the book that offers a 10% discount on software at the palmOne online store though, which is nice.
Now You Know Tungsten E, is by Rick Overton and David Hayward and published by Peachpit Press. Soft cover, 157 pages, ISBN 0321330307. List price is $14.95, but you can likely get it for less than that at an online store. (Even better, support your local bookstore, or it may not be around much longer!)
4 out of 5

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