LEGO Star Wars

by PocketGoddess on July 1, 2005

I recently picked up a new game for my PS2: LEGO Star Wars. I bought it because I like Star Wars but I’ve never played any of the previous games– I’m just not that interested in shooters or space flight sims. LEGO Star Wars takes a completely different approach, allowing you to play through the first trilogy in the series as LEGO characters.
The results are simply charming and even more fun than I expected. While the game was marketed primarily to children, it has garnered almost universally positive reviews from adults and kids alike. The gameplay is easy to pick up, and while the difficulty ramps up nicely, the game is never frustrating or too hard to enjoy a good time.
As you play through the levels collecting LEGO studs, and minikit pieces, your Jedi meter slowly fills. Think of it as something like a completion status bar; play a level well enough to get it to 100% and you’ll get a superkit piece by the end of the game. And all those LEGO studs you collect can be used to buy hints, powerups, and new characters in Dexter’s Diner, the hub for your Star Wars adventures.
But of course nothing compares to the sheer fun and pleasure of playing through all those scenes from the movies as LEGO characters. While you might be tempted to laugh, this is a serious game; Jedi characters have light sabers and use the Force on highlighted objects to solve puzzles and get LEGO studs, while blaster characters like Padme can reach areas that others can’t. And for you Jar Jar haters out there, yes, he’s in the game, and he serves a useful purpose since he can jump higher than the others, which is useful in some cases. But if you’re willing to accept the penalty in LEGO studs, you can just toss him off a cliff over and over again, which is its own kind of fun!
If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your kids, you just can’t go wrong with LEGO Star Wars. And even if you don’t have kids, you still might like to play this one– at least a rental, if not a purchase. This one has earned a permanent place in my gaming library, right next to Katamari Damacy. I’m a fan of slightly quirky games that aren’t too violent, and this one fits the bill perfectly.
Just one word of warning– LEGO Star Wars is on one of the infamous “blue disks” so if you have an older PS2, it may not work. I thought at first that the game was defective, until a Google search proved otherwise. Seems that lots of people were having the same problem with other “blue disk” games. There are some fixes out on the web that involve taking the PS2 apart & making some adjustments, but that was just a bit too complicated for me. I ended up trading in my old PS2 and getting one of the new slim consoles, and the game worked perfectly in that one– not to mention all the space saved in my media center.

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