Brando Week: PVC Case for Nintendo DS

by PocketGoddess on July 27, 2005

The PVC Case for Nintendo DS is actually more an overlay accessory than a case, in that it features molded hand grips on the bottom designed to make the Nintendo DS easier to hold during extended gameplay sessions. It doesn’t feature any game or accessory storage; instead it encases the Nintendo DS is a fairly thick clear “skin” of PVC.

Brando DS PVC Case, detail Brando DS PVC case, top

The case is rather easy to attach to the DS. It doesn’t require any adhesive or Velcro, yet it stays on quite snugly. The two halves of the case are fairly separate, connected over the hinge of the DS by two thin strips of PVC. I found it easier to put in the top of the DS first and then the (touchscreen) bottom half. The bottom half of the case has a couple of PVC “pegs” that fit into screw holes on the DS, ensuring that the case stays in place nicely even when opening and closing the DS. The top of the case is basically open, leaving the charging port, DS cartridge slot, stylus silo, and left and right trigger buttons uncovered. On the bottom of the case you have full access to the headphone jack, GBA game slot, and volume control. All of the rest of the unit is covered, including the edges, making this a fairly protective case.

Brando DS PVC Case, back

The special feature is the nice set of molded hand grips on the bottom of the case and they work really well. The middle and ring fingers of each hand fit perfectly in the grip, leaving my index fingers free to use the trigger buttons on the top of the device and my thumbs for the face buttons on the DS. I had always thought that the DS was pretty comfortable to hold, but this case makes it even better. The PVC material has more give to it than the hard plastic used to construct the DS, and that means that my fingers don’t get as sore when I play games for a long period of time. The downside is that the DS takes a bit more room to store or carry in a gear bag while in this case, since the grips add just a bit over half an inch in thickness. You’ll also need something else to store your games, since the PVC Case doesn’t hold anything more than the Nintendo DS itself

While I don’t think I’ll use the PVC Case for Nintendo DS as an actual carrying case, I do find myself putting it on my DS when I know I’m in for a long gaming session, such as when I play the Urbz. It’s very easy to attach to/remove from the Nintendo DS, and it fills a nice void between traditional carrying cases and the almost ubiquitous “grip” accessories for portable gaming devices. It’s reasonably priced at $12 on the Brando WorkShop web site.

4 out of 5

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