1Up.com: “Christian Gamers Won’t Get Left Behind

by PocketGoddess on July 5, 2005

Evidently the wildly popular (and not theologically accurate, but I digress. . .) Left Behind series of books by Tim LaHaye is set to become a real-time strategy game in the near future, according to a story on 1Up.com. You can read the full story here. I’m not sure whether to be excited or apprehensive though. As a Christian, I would like to see more entertainment with a Christian worldview, but in the past most games and movies and such have been relatively low budget and poorly done. But I’m also not sure how much farther I want to see the Left Behind “universe” expanding either. For me, best case scenario is that this Left Behind game is well done and successful, so other properties have a chance to get the financing and talent needed to become a reality.

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