Sena Cases for the Apple iPod

by PocketGoddess on June 26, 2005

When you pick a case from Sena, you have several choices to make, and sometimes that can be a hard decision. If you’re looking to outfit your iPod, you need to decide whether or not you want a flip cover or belt clip, plus you need to choose from one of several delicious colors of leather. No matter what choice you make, you’ll likely be quite pleased with the result. The leather is soft and high quality, and the stitching matches the color you chose. I personally prefer it that way, though most case manufacturers use a contrasting color like white thread with a black leather case. The interior of each case is also leather, with a smooth fabric facing on the front and sides of the case.
I’m also very pleased with the fact that the belt clip, if you want one, is done right– the clip can only be removed from the case when the clip is rotated 180 degrees. That means that your iPod case won’t accidentally fall off your belt when you sit or bend. While it’s fairly unlikely that something as heavy as an iPod can fall off your belt without attracting your notice (unlike today’s featherweight cell phones!) it does show a nice attention to detail. The same holds true with the nicely finished seams and the fact that the screen, click wheel, and charging port openings line up perfectly. You can easily charge the iPod with a cable with it in one of these cases, but using the Apple iPod Dock is more challenging. I didn’t have much problem with the red non-flip case (though I had to push hard to get the iPod to seat properly), but I couldn’t get it to work with the blue flip cover case. Likely it just needs a bit more breaking in to soften the leather, since the design for the bottom of both cases is exactly the same.

No Flip Cover

Sena iPod case without flap, front Sena iPod case without flap, back

This case is designed for minimalists who want to protect their iPod somewhat, but don’t worry too much about something awful happening to their music player. As you can see from the photos, there are openings for the screen and click wheel, as well as the charging port on the bottom. Your music player slips into the top opening and is held in place with a small snap flap. The design is reminiscent of what I’ve more typically seen for cell phones, but I like it. It’s secure but the iPod is still easily inserted into or removed from the case. And since the front of the device isn’t covered, it’s much easier to access it quickly to switch playlists, skip a song, turn up the volume, etc.

Flip Cover

Sena iPod case with flap

This case design offers a bit more protection for the delicate screen of your iPod, since it features a padded front cover that closes with a snap tab that goes under the device. That means that you don’t have to worry about dirt or dust getting into the charging port. And while there’s no reason to have media card storage in the flap, it would have been nice to include a card slot or money pocket so that you could take your ID with you on the go, or leave a business card in case you lose your iPod and hope an honest person will return it to you. This case is a good choice if you will often want to put your iPod into a gear bag, purse, or briefcase, since it offers screen protection.


Both of these cases are nice looking, with good attention to detail, and depending on your needs just might be a perfect fit– especially if you really want a dockable case. The design does leave the corners of the iPod slightly more exposed to cosmetic damage than other cases, but you just might find that the convenience of not having to take your music player in and out of the case constantly to be well worth it for convenience’s sake. Prices vary depending on the options you chose; you can get the non-flip case for $33.99 without a clip or $36.99 with a clip. As you would expect, the case with the flip cover is slightly more expensive, at $36.99 without clip, and $39.99 with the clip. Colors available include the traditional like black and tan as well as the more modern and fun like red, white, blue, orange, lime green, and violet. You can see more pictures or order one for yourself at the Sena Cases online store.
4 out of 5

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