NuShield Screen Protector for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

by PocketGoddess on June 9, 2005

KlearScreen Screen Cleaner

KlearScreen is a two part system comprised of individually wrapped moist cloths that clean the screen, plus a “Micro-Chamois” that dries and buffs the screen. It’s a very good idea to clean the screen of a mobile device before you apply screen protection. If there’s any dust on the screen and you put on a screen protector, the screen can still be scratched, especially if the dust or grit is in the text entry area of the device, because the stylus will rub the dirt through the protector. I hadn’t used a “wet” cleaning system in a long while, and I had forgotten how well they work. Especially if you have an older device or a smartphone (which can get really dirty since you keep putting it next to your face), a wet system will give you better results with less effort. A lint-free cloth will still work of course, but sometimes it’s OK to take the easy way out.
The Micro-Chamois also works quite well on its own for quick touch-ups when you get a fingerprint on the screen of your device. Even if you don’t use a screen protector (and why not??) there are some devices, most notably the Sony PSP, that catch every fingerprint and every bit of lint, so KlearScreen is a good investment. There are several purchase options available. The $5.95 Mini Pack includes 10 wet single cloths and a small Micro-Chamois, while the $9.95 Travel Kit has 20 wet single cloths and two small Micro-Chamois. The $19.95 Starter Kit comes with a 2 ounce spray bottle of KlearScreen, a large Micro-Chamois, a small Micro-Chamois, and six wet single cloths.
5 out of 5

NuShield for the Nintendo DS

This product is similar to many other screen protectors on the market today, in that it is an adhesive-based piece of plastic that adheres to the screen and prevents it from being scratched. While I had some trouble installing it, the NuShield works well on my Nintendo DS. My installation troubles relate to the way the NuShield is packaged; there are backers on both sides of the protector and they are very difficult to tell apart and to remove. The instructions state that the “cupped” side is the writing surface, while the other side adheres to the screen. It would have been nice if a small sticker or other visual cue were on the protector itself, so that the user doesn’t have to decide which side is “cupped” or not. The instructions also state that you should use a piece of clear tape to peel up the backing, but that didn’t work for me– I had to use my fingernail to get a corner started and then peel off the backing.
Once I actually got the protector on my device, I liked how it worked. It fit the screen perfectly, and though it isn’t perfectly clear, I had no problem at all seeing my games. Colors were still bright and detail is easy to see, even though the protector isn’t perfectly clear. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and the protector on the bottom (touch) screen of my Nintendo DS isn’t showing any sign of scratches at all. NuShield says that each protector lasts about four months, and so far I don’t have any reason to doubt that. I tried peeling up about half of the protector after my test and saw that it left no residue at all, which is great. You can get three for $11.99 at the NuShield web site.
4 out of 5

NuShield for the Sony PSP

This screen protector works a bit differently from the other one; instead of being completely adhesive backed, only the sides of the protector have adhesive. This doesn’t make that much sense to me, since dust and dirt particles could easily work themselves under the top and bottom edges of the protector. Granted, you won’t be using a stylus with the Sony PSP, but the potential to scratch the screen is still there. The design also detracts from the the gorgeous aesthetics of the PSP, since the edges of the protector have a somewhat milky white haze when compared with the rest of the covering. The protector itself is pretty good; I didn’t notice any significant clarity problems or dull color issues. It doesn’t help with the awful screen glare problem the PSP has, but that’s OK since this protector is not sold as an “antiglare” version. The adhesive is removable and leaves a bit of residue that is easily removed with a cloth. The NuShield for Sony PSP sells for $11.99, and you can get it at the NuShield web site.
3 out of 5

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